10:55 | 20th April 2019

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Sep 2nd: Next Lesson - theatre review

Pay attention class, Next Lesson has started. Above The Stag’s studio theatre has been transformed into a classroom and you are enrolled into Beckenham High.

Oct 17th: Beauty - Film Review

Beauty is a drama set in South Africa and tells the story of a straight middle-aged man, Francois, who is married to his wife Elena but develops an obsession with an old friend’s son, Christian, which spirals out of control.

Sep 3rd: Leave It On The Floor - DVD review

Take a hot talented cast who can sing, dance and act, a musician brimming with ideas, a production team with a keen eye for detail and a writer who ties everything together seamlessly, and you have ‘Leave It On The Floor’, a new musical set in the Los Angeles gay scene.

Aug 7th: North Sea Texas - film review

North Sea Texas is a sweet, charming and captivating film set in Belgium about the trials and tribulations of first love over a period of ten years.

Jan 31st: Beautiful Game? Beautiful Shame...

Twenty-two men chasing a ball. 60,000 men watching and singing whilst jumping on each other. Millions of pounds spent each year on merchandise.


PW COMP - PW COMP - PW COMP - PW COMP MAN AT BATH - The new film courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures. Notorious gay porn star Francois Sagat stars as Emmanuel, one half of a cute gay couple who between the suburbs of Paris and the skyscrapers of New York, go to extraordinary lengths to prove that they're not in love with one another

Jul 13th: When Harry Met Barry - Review

When Harry Met Barry is a very sweet musical about boy meets girl, boy meets boy and boy meets boy who’s met girl. It is a light, fluffy and funny take on the usual rom-coms out there, albeit set to music.

Apr 3rd: Is It Just Me? review

Is It Just Me? is a delightful gay rom-com about finding Mr Right in a world fixated on beauty and looks, and the lengths we go to to hide our own fears in relationships.

Feb 13th: Do You Believe...?

Exorcismus, from the company who produced REC and REC2, is a thoroughly watchable horror about 15 year-old Emma played by Sophie Vavasseur (Resident Evil, Apocalypse) who leads a normal teenage life until she starts having frightening fits. Her parents attribute them to psychological issues but, after a trip to a psychologist goes horrifically wrong, it becomes apparent that something more sinister is inside Emma and wants to get out.

Oct 20th: Grrrreat - Bear City

Bear City is a Sex-In-The-City meets Queer As Folk comedy set in New York about going for your desires, whatever the shape or size. We are introduced to Tyler, a twink who secretly fantasises about being with XL men, but nervous his (very twinky) flatmate Simon will not accept his choices.

Oct 7th: Wrangler: Anatomy of An Icon

Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon is the rather compelling documentary about Jack Wrangler, the first truly openly gay “adult film” star, who knew what he wanted and how to get what he wanted.

Sep 5th: Brother to Brother - Film Review

Brother to Brother is a wonderfully absorbing drama about Bruce Nugent who, now an elderly man, meets a gay teenager in a New York homeless shelter and reminisces about his time as a writer and painter in the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. Whilst it is a fictional story, it is based on reality and told in sweeping flashbacks.

Sep 2nd: Mega Piranha

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… Whilst we wait for a possible remake of Jaws, we are offered this tongue-in-cheek film about what lurks beneath the waterline from production house Asylum

Aug 11th: Watercolors

Watercolors is a coming of age story about Danny, a gifted artist, and Carter, a sexy rebellious swimmer. When they meet due to family circumstances and are forced to be room-mates for the weekend, it is clear that they will be more than just friends. Eventually.

Aug 4th: Patrik, Age 1.5

Patrik, Age 1.5 is a wonderful film about the small errors in life that have the biggest, and deeply emotional, impact. Set in Sweden, it opens at a welcoming party for the new neighbours, Goran and Sven, who have just moved into the area to start a new life and who have set the wheels in motion to adopt a baby.

Jul 18th: Pornography: A Thriller - Review

Pornography: A Thriller is a psychological thriller set in the world of adult films. It is a great Chronenberg/David Lynch-esque combo with a whole host of attributes which make this a highly recommended movie.

Jun 23rd: A Four Letter Word

A Four Letter Word is a sweet rom-com about Luke, a stereotypical gay man interested only in going out with his mates to the local bars and pulling guys for one night stands. They have a ritual of going into each bar and peeling off chat-line after chat-line with immediate results

Jun 17th: The Art of Being Straight

The Art of Being Straight is a warm, funny and sometimes laugh-out-loud film about Jon, a young man who, after breaking up with his girlfriend in Boston, moves to Los Angeles and with his best mate to start a clean slate. John is a 20-something year old player, with girls fawning over his boyish good looks and cheeky charm.

Jun 3rd: The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror

The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror (GBBT) is a deliciously terrible horror about a group of gay strangers who have booked into the isolated Sahara Salvation Inn, a bed & breakfast run by a family with a few hidden secrets

Apr 20th: Sarah Blasko – As Day Follows Night

There are certain singers who come along that take your breath away, their albums blowing your mind each time you listen to them which consign them to the classics section.

Apr 18th: Out At The Wedding - Film Review

Out At The Wedding is a sweet, perky and hugely enjoyable romantic comedy about miscommunication, misunderstanding, and misdirection.

Apr 11th: Newcastle, Australia - Film Review

Newcastle is an involving, absorbing and surprisingly emotional film about a group of teenage guys who live and surf in the hot spot that is Newcastle, Australia. It focuses on 17year old Jesse and his brothers, Victor and Fergus. Victor is the older brother who has been highly successful on the surfing scene, winning numerous accolades for his surfing skills, and Fergus is the younger, Emo-type, brother, who is gay and has a crush on one of Jesse’s friends, Andy.

Apr 6th: Film Review - Leo's Room

Leo’s Room is a rather wonderful Spanish film about student Leo who, realising his relationship with his girlfriend just isn’t getting the Big O his friends discuss in the opening scene, sets off on a voyage of self-discovery

Mar 31st: Film Review - "DARE" at the BFI LLGFF

Dare is a wonderfully warm and funny film about three high school students waking up to their own sexualities, whether they are straight, gay or somewhere in-between

Mar 19th: The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister

The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister is based on the true diaries of a landowner born 150 years ago.

Mar 15th: The House of The Devil

I’m not usually one to review two horror movies in a row, but this was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up as this film was directed by Ti West, who also directed Cabin Fever 2.

Mar 10th: Cabin Fever 2 : Spring Fever

Who caught the deliciously dark and tongue-in-cheek horror of 2002’s Cabin Fever, a claustrophobic film detailing the effects of a flesh-eating virus descending through the water supply onto a group of unsuspecting friends partying down in the woods?

Mar 1st: Gleefully Rollin' On!

A return to form for this week’s Glee. Hurrah! Last week saw a good episode after a couple of relatively slow burners, but tonight’s was one of the best. From Diva-Offs and Bake-Ins to Well-Ups and Spin-Outs, Glee really pushed all the buttons.

Mar 1st: What's up Sharleen?

I saw Sharleen Spiteri playing at the Brighton Centre many moons ago, it goes without saying that it was a lez fest.

Feb 23rd: Film Review: Hollywood je t'aime

Hollywood, je t’aime is a warm, heartening and sometimes quirky film about escaping your demons, if only for two weeks. After the breakdown of his relationship with Gilles, Jerome (Eric Debets) decides it is time to leave behind the grey, drab and miserable streets of Paris and go on holiday to Hollywood

Feb 16th: Review: 24th BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Next month sees the 24th BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival begin its annual 2 week South Bank tour de force which, this year, looks to have some cracking films for all tastes.

Feb 8th: Film Review - Mr Right : Words - Robert Ingham

Mr Right is an average British comedy set in London about finding the person of your dreams, and the trials and tribulations this brings up.

Feb 8th: Film Review - Mr Right : Words - Robert Ingham

Mr Right is an average British comedy set in London about finding the person of your dreams, and the trials and tribulations this brings up.

Feb 8th: Glee - The Review: Words:- Robert Ingham

This show made me feel like a big kid again so I will be tuning in to the kids of McKinley High School for my weekly musical fix

Feb 8th: Film Review:- Infestation - Words: Robert Ingham

Infestation is a great little movie with the tag-line “Prepare for Global Swarming”.

Feb 8th: Film Review- Boystown- Words: Robert Ingham

What do you do when a psychopathic killer is murdering old ladies in the area you live? You move your outspoken, chain-smoking, slightly deranged mother in.

Feb 8th: Film - Breakfast with Scot: Words: Robert Ingham

Breakfast with Scot is a pitch-perfect comedy about gay couple Eric and Sam