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Clever, organized, devious & daring; they stole from the rich and gave to themselves. This is the gripping story of the all-female gang which terrorized London for over 100 years

Dec 9th: BALL - London Titans Fundraiser for THT

As we power down 2016 and gear up for Christmas, most of us are starting to think about that perfect, queer and quirky gift for those special people in our lives. Never fear, London Titans FC are here to help with a charity auction and prize raffle stuffed full of festive and fruity prizes.

Oct 28th: Bakers Lose Their Appeal on 'Gay Cake'

The Christian owners of a Northern Ireland bakery have lost their appeal against a ruling that their refusal to make a "gay cake" was discriminatory.

Dec 11th: Does the Same Sex Marriage Bill really Offer Equality for Gay Couples?

The gay community rejoiced in March 2014 when years of campaigning finally brought to an end marriage inequality in England and Wales (with Scotland following suit in December).

Aug 18th: Are you a gay man living with HIV?

Attention – are you a gay man living with HIV in England, Ireland or Northern Ireland? Can you take part in important ANONYMOUS online study by Queens University Belfast on the experience of Stigma in gay men living with HIV..

Dec 15th: Happy Ending For Benjy the "gay" bull

A gay bull saved after a campaign backed by Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon appears to have found romance within minutes of arriving at his new home.

Nov 26th: Madame Jojo's Forced To Close

Madam Jojo’s, the diverse and eccentric club which has been at the heart of nightlife in central London’s decadent Soho district for more than half a century, has been shut down.

Nov 19th: 'Gay Cake' Case "Verging on Bullying"

Many people believe the Equality Commission's civil case against a Christian-owned bakery is "verging on bullying", a DUP MLA has claimed.

Nov 19th: One in Eight Gay Men in London has HIV

One in eight gay men in London has HIV according to figures released today, which reveal the disease is three times more prevalent in the capital than the rest of the country.

Oct 8th: 'Monk' Distributes Anti-gay Leaflets in Leicester

A man dressed in a monk’s habit reportedly posted homophobic leaflets through people’s front doors today.

Oct 8th: Gay Briton Released from Moroccan Jail

A 69-year-old British man who was jailed for "homosexual acts" in Morocco has been released, his son has said.

Oct 6th: Anglican Clergy Sign Letter of Support for Gay Bishops

Hundreds of Anglican clergy and laity have signed an open letter supporting gay bishops in the Church of England.

Oct 6th: Campaign to Free Gay Briton from Morocco Jail

A campaign has been launched to free a British man who was jailed for "homosexual acts" in Morocco.

Oct 2nd: Victory for Facebook Drag Queens

Facebook apologized to drag queens on Wednesday following a meeting with community members and queens who protested against the company’s order to use their legal names on the social networking site.

Oct 1st: Ireland In Historic Vote For Gay Marriage

Ireland will make history in May 2015 when it becomes the first country to hold a referendum on allowing gay marriage.

Oct 1st: Gay Conservative Defects to Ukip

The former Conservative Deputy Mayor of London, Richard Barnes, has defected to Ukip.

Sep 30th: 1 in 6 Think Gay Sex Should Be Made Illegal

One in six Britons believe that gay sex should be made illegal, despite the UK passing the same-sex marriage bill last year, a new survey revealed.

Sep 26th: Tony Blair Named Top Gay Icon

Philanthropist. Military strategist. The reason why British people have lost faith in the benefits system. Tony Blair has been called many things of late. But 'top gay icon' is a label few were perhaps expecting.

Sep 25th: Olympic Anti-Discrimination Clause Introduced

Following the controversy that surrounded Russia’s anti-gay laws in the runup to the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has introduced a specific anti-discrimination clause to its host city contract.

Jun 19th: THT: ‘Too many men taking health risks’

Public Health England has reported that the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) diagnosed in England in 2013 has remained at around the same level as 2012 – but that numbers are still worryingly high, especially among young men and gay people.

May 12th: Nigel Farage Defends Candidate's Anti-Gay Remarks

Most over-70s in Britain still feel uncomfortable about homosexuality, the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, has said.

May 12th: Church of England Schools Tackle Gay Bullying

Homophobia must not be tolerated in Church of England schools, says guidance launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Apr 14th: Gay Priest Defies CoE Ban to Marry Partner

A gay clergyman has become the first ordained priest to break the Church of England's ban on same-sex marriages to wed his partner

Apr 14th: Tory Party - Senior Minister Used Taxpayers Money to Fund Gay Sex Party

A senior minister has been criticised after claims that the taxpayer indirectly funded a gay sex party at the Conservative Party conference

Apr 14th: After Sochi - Free event with speakers on Russian LGBT rights post-Winter Games

With the Winter Games over, and Russia in the news for other reasons, what next for gay Russians?

Apr 14th: First Gay Church Wedding in UK

A same-sex couple have been married in Bournemouth, in what is believed to be the UK's first gay wedding ceremony held in a church.

Mar 31st: 'Chemsex' Linked To Rise in STIs

A growing 'Chemsex' trend of mixing sex with drugs such as crystal meth could spark rising rates of HIV in gay and bisexual men in London, a study has warned.

Mar 31st: I Do - Gay Marriage Is a Reality

The first same-sex weddings have taken place after gay marriage became legal in England and Wales at midnight on Saturday 29th March.

Feb 4th: Gay soldier Lance Corporal James Wharton receives City of London Freedom

James Wharton receives City Freedom for anti-bullying LGBT work in schools.

Jan 22nd: Dr Christian Jennsen to test "gay cures"

Dr Christian Jennsen, of Embarrassing Bodies fame is to test 'gay cures' in a new TV show.

Dec 2nd: Tom Daley Dives Out

Tom Daley has gone onto YouTube and broadcasted a video to tell the world he likes guys.

Nov 26th: Gay Referee Claims He Was Expelled After Speaking Out on Gay Hate

A GAY football referee claims he was expelled after speaking out against homophobic abuse.

Nov 26th: Police: Be Vigilant for Thief Targetting Gay Men

Police in East London are urging people to be vigilant as they search for a suspect who is targeting gay men.

Nov 26th: Gay Pupils Insulted by Homophobic Phrases at School

Nearly all homosexual teenagers say they hear the word "gay" being used as an insult, according to research carried out by Stonewall.

Nov 26th: Gay marriage in Scotland backed in principle

Legislation to introduce same-sex marriage in Scotland has been approved in principle by parliament, after MSPs voted on it for the first time.

Sep 21st: Stonewall challenges footballers to back gay players

Stonewall challenges footballers to back gay players with national rainbow laces campaign.

Sep 21st: Hotel To Be Sold After Gay Row

The hotel involved in the media storm after refusing a gay couple is to be sold.

Sep 9th: John Barrowman strips for NOH8

Actor John Barrowman has decided to reveal his cheeky side in one of the latest photos for the NOH8 campaign, which features celebrities and public figures posing with the NOH8 logo stamped on them, to fight bullying.

Sep 9th: LGBT rights in Russia heads to UK Parliament

LGBT rights in Russia are heading to the UK parliament. Tim Farron, the president of the Liberal Democrats, has tabled a motion in order to draw attention to the ‘deplorable’ legislation in Russia.

Jul 11th: Diva Magazine launches campaign to tackle 'lesbophobia'

Jane Czyzselska, Editor of Diva magazine has said that the magazine is launching a new campaign against 'lesbophobia'.

Jul 10th: Gay couple B&B row: 'Right to make a stand'

A gay couple from Cambridgeshire who were refused a room at a B&B say it was right to make a stand against discrimination.

Jul 10th: Gay Couple Worship Ban, Exeter

A gay couple were refused permission to worship in a church in Exeter, an MP has told the House of Commons

Jun 25th: British Museum launches Gay history guide

The British Museum has launched a guide which focuses on elements of homosexuality found in its collection.

Jun 5th: Equal marriage survives ‘fatal motion’ in first House of Lords test

Peers vote 390-148 to save Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

May 31st: "Gay marriage could lead to sibling marriage," says Carey

Same-sex marriage sets a "dangerous precedent" which could lead to sibling marriage or polygamy, says Lord Carey.

May 22nd: Landslide support for Same Sex Marriage Bill

Bill passes Third Reading by 366 votes to 161 MPs have again voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. Moments ago the Bill passed its Third Reading vote in the House of Commons by 366 votes to 161 – a majority of 205.

Mar 5th: Gay marriage will destabilise family life, sociologist predicts

In stark contrast to the survey conducted proving how gay parents are just as good as heterosexual couples, a leading sociologist has warned that gay marriage will "further destabilise marriage and family life in Britain".

Mar 4th: Study shows children in gay adoption are not disadvantaged

The first study into same sex couples who adopt has shown that they are just as good at parenting as heterosexual couples.

Feb 7th: Same Sex Marriage Bill storms through House of Commons

MPs voted by a majority of 225 in favour of the new Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. The Bill will extend the legal form of marriage to lesbian, gay and bisexual people and permit religious denominations to celebrate such marriages should they wish.

Jan 28th: A Gay Heir to the Throne?

A Labour MP is looking to change the law to allow gay children from a civil partnership to become monarch.

Jan 17th: Stonewall releases the top 100 gay friendly employers list 2013

Stonewall today have released their TOP 100 Employers of LGBT staff and Gay friendly companies.

Jan 15th: Registration now open for Stonewall Brighton Equality Walk

Stonewall today opens registration for its tenth annual Equality Walk, which takes place in Brighton on 5 May. The 10k Walk, supported by American Express, raises funds for Stonewall’s Education for All programme,

Nov 27th: UKIP Gay Adoption Row

One of the leading members of the UK Independant Party has caused controvesy by stating that all gay people should be banned from fostering.

Oct 24th: The Mayor invites bids for five-year Pride sponsorship deal

Boris Johnson has announced today that he wants a community based organisation to manage the capitals annual Pride celebrations under a five-year sponsorship deal.

Oct 24th: Stonewall calls on Police Commissioner candidates to tackle hate crime

New website provides key information for 15 November elections ‘Essential’ that gay people vote

Oct 24th: Gok Wan ‘over the moon’ to be hosting the Stonewall Awards

Jessie J, Sue Perkins and Paralympic heroes among stars shortlisted for making a ‘positive difference’ to gay people

Oct 24th: Jacqueline Davies appointed Stonewall Chair

Jacqueline Davies has been appointed the new Chair of Stonewall. She will succeed David Isaac, who retires after nine years leading the charity.

Sep 28th: Stonewall announces shortlists for Stonewall 2012 Awards

Sue Perkins, Britain’s Got Talent, DC Comics and three from Team GB shortlisted for Stonewall 2012 Awards Evan Rachel Wood, Marcus Collins and Alison Steadman drama also shortlisted

Sep 25th: Peter Tatchell Wins UK Lifetime Achiever Award

Tatchell dedicates award to African campaigners as he wins the UK Lifetime Achiever Award at the National Diversity Awards 2012 on 24 September 2012.

Sep 25th: Stonewall's Girls' Night Out raises over £10,000

All-female comedy show raises funds to tackle homophobic bullying

Sep 21st: "Don't act too gay" - medical students are told

A senior member of the Royal College of General Practitioners is under investigation after she told medical students they should act less 'overtly gay' to pass their exams.

Sep 21st: Stonewall Hero & Bigot Awards 2012 are coming

Stonewall announces hero and bigot nominees for 2012 Ben & Jerry’s founders and Jessie J among gay heroes Bigots of the Year include Cardinal Keith O’Brien

Aug 20th: Never mind the Olympics – Gay Sports Day is coming!

If you've got an Olympic sized itch which you just need to scratch, and you can’t wait for the Paralympics, then don’t despair - the GMFA / RVT Gay Sports Day is just around the corner.

Aug 20th: Cardinal shuns Scotland Government

The head of the Catholic church in Scotland has shunned the government over gay marriage.

Aug 3rd: Tom Daly - anti-gay tweeter arrested

A footballer in South Wales has been arrested after sending anti-gay remarks about Tom Daly and Peter Waterfield on Twitter.

Aug 3rd: Karl Lagerfeld - Pippa "struggles" with her looks

Karl Lagerfeld has blasted Pippa Middleton, saying she should "only show her back" as she "struggles" with her looks.

Aug 3rd: GMFA opens HIV Support Group 'Positive 21'

The outlook for gay men living with HIV has improved enormously over the last 15 years, as treatments have been developed which can reduce the damage that the virus has on the immune system.

Jul 31st: Civil Partnerships are proving more popular than originally thought

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) have published the latest figures of Civil Partnerhsips, which show that the number of people making the commitment has proved to be fives times more popular than originally thought.

Jul 31st: Tom Daley Tweet Furore

A 17 year-old man has been arrested following an absuive message sent to Tom Daly's Twitter account.

Jul 27th: Have a Girls’ Night Out with Stonewall

A star-studded all-female line-up of comedians is taking to the stage on 24 September at the Bloomsbury Theatre in support of Stonewall. Girls’ Night Out will feature comics including Shappi Khorsandi and Zoe Lyons, and will help raise funds for the charity’s Education for All campaign, which helps teachers, schools and local authorities tackle and prevent homophobic bullying.

Jul 27th: Cameron sets a date for gay marriage

David Cameron has shown his support for Gay Marriage before, but now he has gone further by announcing he will legalise gay marriage by 2015.

Jul 27th: Gay behaviour is "hazardous, harmful and dangerous"

Peter Kearney, who is director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office, has made claims that homosexuality "leads to early death".

Jul 18th: Stonewall Report on Bullying comes out

Homophobic bullying ‘a daily nightmare’ for over half of Britain’s gay school pupils. Pioneering research reveals serious concerns about homophobic language. Nearly a quarter of gay young people attempt suicide. New research carried out by the University of Cambridge for Stonewall’s School Report 2012 has found that 55 per cent of lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils in Britain’s secondary schools experience homophobic bullying.

Jun 27th: Average Gay Life Assurance Policy Increases

Compass, the gay mortgage and insurance advisers have today published their latest research into the amounts of Life Assurance that gay men and women insure themselves for. The research, which follows on from similar surveys in previous years, shows that the average Life Assurance policy taken by the gay community is now £242,578*.

Jun 27th: Williams: Christians need to confront shame and disgust over homosexuality

Archbishop makes one of strongest interventions yet on issue that lies at heart of some of deepest divisions in church. Christians need to confront feelings of embarrassment, shame and disgust over homosexuality, the archbishop of Canterbury has said.

Jun 24th: UK's most gay-friendly universities revealed

Stonewall has just launched the third edition of Gay By Degree, the only guide profiling the UK’s 150 universities to show how gay-friendly they are. Gay By Degree 2013, now online at, gives lesbian, gay and bisexual prospective students a single place to find out what each university offers to support them before they apply for places in 2013, so they can find a place to study where they will feel comfortable to be themselves.

Jun 12th: Major Poll Shows People of Faith's Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Three in five people of faith in Britain support same-sex marriage Major poll ‘holes below waterline’ Bishops’ objection to equal marriage Eighty-three per cent say ‘no problem’ with a gay heir to the throne

Jun 12th: Church of England attacks gay marriage plans

The Church of England attacked government's plan to allow gay couples to marry, saying on Tuesday it was ill thought out and risked creating the biggest rift between the state and the Church for centuries.

Jun 5th: Jeff Kristian to appear on BB's Bit on the side

Hey PW readersm Our very own "Adventures of a Drag Queen - Jeff Kristian will be appearing as The Singing Drag Queen

May 24th: GMFA to tackle social isolation amongst LGB&T communities in London

The UK has just been named the gay friendliest country in Europe. Our capital city, London, is a vibrant place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to live in. There are more lesbians, gay men, bisexual people and trans people in London than any other city in the UK or Europe

May 15th: Gay row cleric: Is relationship sexual

Dean Tom Gordon – whose civil partnership last summer led to the current Church of Ireland debate about homosexuality – should state whether he is in a sexual relationship, Bishop Harold Miller has said.

Apr 25th: SIGN UP - for THT's Walk for Life 2012 by ROYAL DECREE

Walk for Life is an annual 10K sponsored walk through central London to raise vital funds to support people living with HIV in severe financial need.

Mar 30th: Stonewall dinner record breaker

Over 500 guests – including celebrities, politicians and all of London’s mayoral candidates – attended Stonewall’s annual Equality Dinner at London’s Dorchester Hotel last night. The event raised a record-breaking £393,000 to support Stonewall’s Education for All campaign tackling homophobic bullying in schools.

Mar 29th: Stonewall to host London Gay Mayoral Hustings

Stonewall is to host the London Gay Mayoral Hustings on 14 April, allowing the capital’s lesbian, gay and bisexual voters to ask candidates from the four main parties in London about their policies before the mayoral election on 3 May

Mar 29th: Welsh vicar resigns over gay marriage issue

Some members of the Anglican communion, including elements of the Church in Wales, have become more homophobic, claims a vicar who has resigned over the issue of gay marriage.

Mar 21st: Stonewall responds in detail to equal marriage consultation

Stonewall has today responded in detail to the Government’s consultation on its intention to extend the legal form of marriage to same-sex couples


A government plan to tackle hate crime is launched today with the key message to “challenge it, report it, stop it”.

Mar 13th: Ben & Jerry’s joins Stonewall to say ‘I do’

Ice cream re-named ‘Apple-y Ever After’ to show support New Facebook app asks supporters to ‘marry’ each other. Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s are teaming up with Stonewall to launch a new Facebook app and an Apple-y Ever After flavour in support of equal marriage

Mar 5th: Full Programme unveiled for LLGFF 2012

The full programme for the 26th BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (LLGFF), taking place over ten days from 23 March – 1 April 2012, is announced today.

Mar 5th: Head of the Roman Catholic church launch attack on same-sex marriages

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has launched a fresh attack on Government plans for same-sex marriages

Feb 14th: Peter Tatchells Valentine's wish: Equal love rights for gay & straight

"Our Valentine's Day wish is for 'Equal Love'. We seek love equality. All couples who love each other should be treated equally and without discrimination.

Feb 14th: Shrewsbury bishop is against gay marriage plan

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury has launched a fierce defence of traditional values and opposed Government plans to legalise gay marriage.

Feb 14th: Conman ordered to pay back just £2 to his victims

A CONMAN who pretended to be a wealthy Old Etonian to dupe a succession of gay men out of almost £300,000 will have only £2 confiscated from him in punishment.

Feb 14th: Draft Marriage Bill published by Stonewall

Stonewall today publishes a draft parliamentary bill for extending the legal form of marriage to gay people. The Bill outlines the legislative steps necessary to give effect to a policy now supported by all party leaders

Jan 30th: Thomas urges FA to make a public statement

The former Welsh rugby captain, Gareth Thomas, has urged the Football Association to make a public statement in support of gay footballers to break down homophobic prejudice in the game.

Jan 30th: Peter Tatchell - Sentamu is "intollerant and out of touch

"Archbishop Dr John Sentamu has condemned the government over its plans to legalise same-sex civil marriage; insinuating that it is behaving in a dictatorial manner. But he is the real dictator

Jan 23rd: Bromsgrove independant fostering company recognised on the top 100

A BROMSGROVE company has gained recognition for its commitment to supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) employees

Jan 18th: Pride London Announces Retirement of Chair Paul Birrell

Pride London, The UK’s largest Gay Pride Event, today announced that its longest serving Chair Paul Birrell will sadly be stepping down from the Pride board after 18 years.

Jan 12th: Stonewall announce the UK's TOP 100 most gay-friendly employers 2012

Here we have it, The 2012 STONEWALL TOP 100 list. It is the definitive list of Britain’s most gay-friendly workplaces. The rankings showcase the achievements of employers submitting to the Workplace Equality Index

Jan 5th: Mr Gay UK

SAMUEL KNEEN (22) was awarded the prestigious accolade of Mr Gay UK after months of grueling competition. The contest returned after a three year gap due to popular demand and the extension of social-networking opportunities, giving a new edge this year - the online vote.

Dec 15th: Attempt to ban civil partnerships on religious premises fails

Early this afternoon a motion was successfully defeated in the House of Lords which would have banned the celebration of civil partnerships in religious premises.

Dec 8th: Peter Tatchell - Lib Dem Equality Minister opposes equality

Peter Tatchell, Coordinator of the Equal Love campaign and Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, writes on the Liberal Democrat Voice website:

Nov 17th: Gaga tops Anti-Bullying week poll

Gay people vote Lady Gaga top for beating bullies Singer sweeps the board in poll for Anti-Bullying Week

Nov 16th: Heavy Criticiam for Evangelical Church which claims it can cure homosexuality.

An evangelical church in Liverpool, England is attracting heavy criticism for its "ex-gay" ministry that aims to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals.

Nov 16th: Sir Tim Rice's musical puts inthe Gay

When From Here to Eternity was published in the Fifties, and turned into an Oscar-winning film starring Burt Lancaster, its homosexual content was excised by censors

Nov 1st: Kicking Homophobia out of footbal

Fans of Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club have called for more action to address homophobic chanting in football grounds. Some supporters have said that the FA was not doing enough to stop the abuse, which is aimed at Albion fans because of the city's large gay community.

Nov 1st: 2000 people attend Hate Crime Vigil in T Square

The event was organised by 17-24-30 in partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation and came just days after Stuart Walker was found dead in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Nov 1st: Axel Axgil 1915-2011 - A great LGBT Pioneer- Peter Tatchell pays tribute:

Axel Axgil led a life very well lived, for five decades with his partner, Eigil Axgil. Together, in 1989, they became the first couple in the world to receive state-sanctioned recognition and rights as same-sex partners, under Denmark's trail-blazing registered partnership law.

Oct 26th: Bishop Philip Tartaglia discusses gay marriage plan

Scotland's health secretary has met with a Catholic bishop to discuss his concerns on proposals to legalise same-sex marriage

Oct 5th: David Cameron consulting on Legalising Gay Marriage

Stonewall today warmly welcomed David Cameron’s party conference speech referring to extending the legal form of marriage to gay people.

Oct 4th: Stonewall welcomes new ammendments to the Protections of Freedoms Bill

Stonewall has welcomed new amendments to the Protections of Freedoms Bill tabled by the Government. The Bill will remove records of gay men convicted of offences involving consenting sex that would now be lawful.

Oct 4th: A Church of Scotland minister quits his role

A Church of Scotland minister in Aberdeen has quit his role over the Kirk's stance on gay clergy. Reverend Peter Dickson, of High Church in Hilton, said he had taken the decision with a "heavy heart".

Sep 19th: UK Passports ungendered?

UK passport holders may be able to opt out of identifying themselves as male or female under proposals being investigated by the Home Office.

Sep 6th: Definition of abuse 'should change'

The Scottish Government's definition of domestic abuse as an offence perpetrated by men against women does "serious damage" to gay and transgendered people suffering violence in the home, an academic has said.

Sep 6th: Tatchell statement on: Order to remove gay placard at anti-EDL demo

Like many other people, I went to last Saturday's protest in East London first and foremost to oppose the far right English Defence League and to defend the Muslim community against EDL thuggery.

Aug 26th: Sunderland Pride Plans Well Underway

Plans are well underway for Sunderland’s first LGBT Pride celebrations, which are now just three weeks away, on Sunday 25th September. Upwards of 3000 people are expected to flock to the city centre to see Sunderland history being made.

Aug 22nd: Tatchell promotes East London Pride following recent homophobia

Earlier this year stickers were plastered around East London declaring it a 'Gay Free Zone', warning that Allah's punishment for homosexuality is severe.

Aug 18th: Stonewall Chief Executive nominated for prestigious Third Sector Award

Stonewall Chief Executive Ben Summerskill, has been nominated as Britain’s ‘Most Admired Charity Chief Executive’ in Third Sector’s annual ‘Most Admired Charities awards.

Aug 16th: LGBT gay deal site nears nationwide launch

A new first of its kind social deal site that caters solely for LGBT people across the UK is nearing its nationwide release.

Aug 15th: National Lib Dem Conference Motion to demand end to gay blood ban

Liberal Democrat members will debate and vote on a motion calling for the government to end the ban on men who have had sex with men (MSM) and their partners from donating blood at their annual Party Conference next month.

Aug 10th: Brighton and Hove Gay Men's Chorus receives £1m record deal

Brighton and Hove Gay Men's Chorus has received a £1m record deal from the prominent music moguls at Universal Records.

Aug 8th: Air France refuses to fly failed gay asylum seeker back to Cameroon from UK

Joseph Kaute, the 43-years-old gay Cameroonian who was due to be deported from the UK this morning, is back at Harmondsworh detention centre this evening, thanks to Air France, the airline that was due to fly him from Heathrow back to Yaoundé via Paris. It was the third attempt to deport hi

Aug 5th: Liverpool gay quarter upgrade set to go ahead

Liverpool’s plans to officially establish and invest in the gay quarter of the city are going to be proposed at the council meeting next week.

Aug 5th: Gaelic gay posters released by Stonewall Scotland

Stonewall has printed versions of their hit poster ‘Some People Are Gay – Get Over It’ in Gaelic now to be distributed in schools across Scotland.

Aug 2nd: HIV expert Rebecca Balira 'smuggled and abused' slave aged 21

HIV expert Rebecca Balira reportedly smuggled an African woman into Britain to use as her slave whist she also physically abused her, a court heard.

Aug 2nd: Tory MP Chloe Smith backs gay marriage

The Conservative MP for Norwich North, Chole Smith, has expressed her support for changing the law to allow gay couples to have a civil marriage and heterosexual couples to have a civil partnership. Currently they are prohibited by law.

Jul 28th: Taunton street preacher tells gay couple to 'burn in hell'

Two men have filed a hate crime allegation after they were victims of a tirade of homophobic slurs by a Taunton street preacher who proceeded to tell them they would 'burn in hell'.

Jul 26th: Praise for Public Order Act: repeal bans on insult and distress

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has "praised" the proposed parliamentary amendment of Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, which would repeal the ban on "insulting" words and behaviour.

Jul 20th: 'Decriminalise homosexuality worldwide' put forward as theme for World Pride

World Pride is taking place in London in less than a year and Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has put forward a proposed theme to the committee in charge, entitled - Decriminalise homosexuality worldwide - Global equality for LGBT people.

Jul 19th: Stonewall launches second edition of - Gay By Degree

Stonewall has launched the second edition of Gay By Degree – the only guide profiling the UK’s 150 universities to show how gay-friendly they are.

Jul 14th: Equal Love petition campaign launched today

OutRage have launched their Equal Love petition campaign today and are asking you all to sign and help make a difference in the movement of marriage equality in the UK.

Jul 12th: Brighton and Hove proves most popular for civil partnerships in the UK

Brighton and Hove has proved to be the most popular place for same-sex couples to hold their civil ceremonies, as over 200 gay and lesbian couples head to the seaside town each year.

Jul 11th: Calderdale Pride - Pride in Volunteering

The organising team for Calderdale’s hugely-successful Pride event are honored to have been awarded Best New Charity in the Halifax Courier Community & Environment Awards 2011.

Jul 8th: "Elliot" opera back on after homophobia row

The latest show from "Billy Elliot" playwright Lee Hall will go on after all. A dispute over words spoken by a gay character had threatened to derail his new project — a community opera involving 300 children — but officials said Thursday a compromise had been reached.

Jul 7th: Time to sign up for Gay Sports Day

Athlete’s take your marks, GMFA/RVT Gay Sports Day is set to explode onto Vauxhall Spring Gardens on August Bank Holiday Monday, 29 August 2011.

Jul 5th: Pride London proves to be a success

Many took the streets of the capital this Saturday to celebrate everything LGBT as London Pride proved to be another succesful day out for all.

Jun 30th: Ben Cohen leads the stars at Pride London this weekend

Rugby star and anti-homophobia campaigner Ben Cohen is leading a host of stars supporting Pride London 2011.  Pride London is the biggest outdoor event in the UK with over a million people expected to join in on 2 July.

Jun 29th: Liverpool Pride moves out of the gay quarter

Liverpool Pride festival is set to alter its location away from the city’s gay quarter in a bid to save money and keep the even free

Jun 28th: First gay woman elected as Vice President of Unison

Maureen Le Marinel, branch secretary for UNISON’s Lancashire Police branch, has been elected vice president of the union. She is the first gay woman to hold this office.

Jun 24th: London Fire Brigade pull out of Pride London parade

London Fire Brigade have revealed that they will no longer be walking in London Pride parade next week in a bid to make a stance against London Fire Brigades regression on LGBT issues.

Jun 23rd: Everything Everywhere joins national programme to promote gay equality for staff

Stonewall has announced that Everything Everywhere has joined its Diversity Champions programme to promote and develop good practise for employers, making it the first telecommunications company to join.

Jun 23rd: Cameron hosts a party for LGBT sports stars

Prime Minister David Cameron played host to number of influential people within the LGBT community at Downing Street as he discussed the matter of tackling homophobia in sport.

Jun 23rd: Cameron plays hosts to party for LGBT sports stars

Prime Minister David Cameron played host to number of influential people within the LGBT community at Downing Street as he discussed the matter of tackling homophobia in sport.

Jun 22nd: Irish Church against Church of Scotland's decision to allow gay ministers

The Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland signed of an anti-gay statement to be sent to the Church of Scotland condemning their decision to lift the ban on allowing gay ministers.

Jun 20th: Stonewall UK summer party raises £20K

Over 350 people attended Stonewall’s annual Summer Party on Friday 17 June at the Roof Gardens in Kensington. The event, which was supported by Societe Generale and Square Peg Media, raised over £20,000 for Stonewall’s Education for All campaign

Jun 20th: Gay bishops set to be allowed but have to remain celibate

The Anglican Church is set to approve controversial guidelines allowing openly homosexual clergy to become bishops.

Jun 17th: Former Mr Gay UK police officer cleared of rape charge

Police office and former Mr Gay UK has been cleared of raping another man after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Jun 17th: London Gay Sports Day Returns on 29 August

Athlete’s take your marks, GMFA/RVT Gay Sports Day is set to explode onto Vauxhall Spring Gardens on August Bank Holiday Monday 26 August 2011.

Jun 17th: Ben Cohen and the Loose Women to support GMFA at Clapham Street Party

You don’t need a royal wedding for a big gay street party! On Saturday 25 June, the Kazbar and the Two Brewers host the 7th annual Clapham Street Party.

Jun 14th: Protests at 'Gay Therapy' convention

Over 50 members of the Belfast’s gay community have taken to the city streets to picket and protest a conference that was aimed at deterring people away from homosexuality.

Jun 13th: Male Edinburgh student behind 'Gay Girl in Damascus' blogger hoax

Rights campaigners reacted furiously after a US student based in Scotland unmasked himself as the author of the "Gay Girl in Damascus" blogs, which charted the security crackdown in Syria.

Jun 10th: Gay charity worker forced to work with convicted homophobic killer on placement

A gay charity worker has revealed that he was forced to work with a man convicted for killing a gay man who winked at him. Patrick Gillan, 55, from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, spoke of the moment he found out about his collegues brutal past.

Jun 8th: Policemen and former Mr Gay UK denies gay rape charge

Former Mr Gay UK come police constable appeared in court yesterday facing accusations of raping a man in a hotel.

Jun 6th: Scouts Association to hire more gay people for leadership roles

The Scouts are looking to end rumours that the organisation is anti-gay after revealing their new scheme entitled “It is OK to be gay and a Scout” which aims to hire more gay people as leaders and recruits to coach the activities for the youths.

Jun 3rd: NAT: British public still don't understand the basics of HIV

More people are living with HIV in the UK than ever before The UK has no national strategy on HIV and are in breach of their UN commitment.

Jun 2nd: Teen fined for anti-gay stickers

A man found guilty of posting homophobic stickers around East London has been ordered with a fine after pleading guilty in court.

Jun 1st: Birmingham Pride 2011 praised as a success

Birmingham Pride has once again kicked off the Pride season with a bang as many filled the streets of the Midlands capital to celebrate everything LGBT last weekend.

May 24th: Church of Scotland votes to lift ban on gay ministers‎

The Church of Scotland General Assembly voted Monday to open the door to the ordination of openly homosexual ministers.

May 18th: MP David Laws is glad he is out publicly as gay following expenses scandal

Liberal Democrat MP David Laws reveals that his life has improved since he decided to come out as gay.

May 17th: England winger Cohen retires from rugby to battle homophobia

Winger Ben Cohen, who played in England's 2003 World Cup winning side has announced his retirement from rugby after being released by Sale Sharks.

May 13th: Man arrested in connection to East London homophobic posters

An 18-year-old man has been charged in connection to the homophobic posters that were posted up around East London earlier this year.

May 11th: Gay farmers helpline in Cheshire is a success

A gay farmers helpline that was set up in Cheshire by the local Chaplin in late last years has proved to be a success as the helpline continues to face an ever-growing high demand.

May 9th: Gay MP Nigel Evans talks gay footballers and Section 28

Openly gay Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has spoken out I a bid to encourage footballers to come out as gay.

May 5th: Fake Lib Dem gay election leaflets posted up in Muslim area

An amateur Liberal Democrat flyer has been posted around the highly populate Muslim are in the Leicester region asking them to vote for the party and support gay rights.

May 3rd: PM Cameron wants to ban same-sex kisses before TV watershed

Prime Minister David Cameron has come under scrutiny following his latest plans to change the television watershed guidelines by no longer allowing same-sex kisses as they are deemed ‘indecent images’ that the government no longer wants to expose children.

Apr 28th: Man involved in a homophobic attack in SW London

A gay man was left battered and bruised after a vicious homophobic attack over the bank holiday weekend.

Apr 27th: Catholic charity loses appeal against gay adoption

A Catholic charity which wants exemption from equality laws which would force it to provide its adoption services to gay couples has had its latest appeal rejected.

Apr 21st: Tatchell urges Kate and Will to support gay marriage

We plan to display a giant wedding card for William and Kate outside Buckingham Palace. As well as wishing the royal couple happiness, the card will highlight the fact that William and Kate can marry, but same-sex couples can't.

Apr 18th: A Toast to....

Pinkwire's very own resident Drag Queen, Jeff Kristian, has been awarded two SCENE AWARDS by Boyz magazine this week.

Apr 14th: Tributes made for gay Deputy Mayor Simon Milton

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has paid tribute openly-gay Deputy Mayor Simon Milton after he passed away on Monday evening aged 49.

Apr 13th: Tatchell brands 10 year gay blood ban as unjustified

According to the Sunday Times, the government is planning to lift the blanket, lifetime ban on blood donations from men who've had oral or anal sex with men.

Apr 11th: First gay wedding for BBC soap

Christian Clarke and Syed Masood are set to tie the knot, according to insiders at EastEnders.

Apr 7th: Isle of Man same-sex couples granted Civil Partnerships and chance to adopt

Same-sex couples in the Isle of Man have been granted the right to Civil Partnerships which also means they can now adopt in the small island as the right was restricted to married couples or single people.

Apr 5th: Image of man thought to be linked to East London anti-gay posters is released

Police have released a CCTV image of a man thought to be connected to the East London anti-gay campaign stickers that were plastered around popular areas to the East of the Capital.

Mar 30th: Children from 11-years-old to be questioned on sexuality

A new scheme has angered many as it plans to question children as young as 11-years-old about their sexuality without parental consent, in a bid to erase sexual orientation discrimination among adolescents.

Mar 23rd: London HIV prevention for gay men under threat from dramatic cuts

PCTs are to cut the budget for gay men’s HIV prevention work in London by 43%, putting those who are among the most affected by the virus at an even greater risk of transmission.

Mar 21st: East End Chariots sauna damaged by blaze

The popular London sauna chain 'Chariots' reportedly had a fire at one of its many venues in the East End of the city in the early hours of Sunday morning leaving the popular joint badly damaged.

Mar 16th: East End Gay Pride Cancelled

Following many people disagreeing with the East London Pride event the organisers have decided to cancel the proposed the event that was due to take place in April.

Mar 16th: Tatchell asks for East End Pride to be postponed

Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has called for Muslims and LGBTIs to unite against hate and for the planned East End Pride to be postponed.

Mar 14th: East London responds to anti-gay posters by planning an LGBT pride

East London is set to stage its very own gay pride march next month following an anti-gay campaign that was posted up on walls and lampposts around the area.

Mar 11th: Bomb scare at LHR was a hoax caused by gay lovers tiff

Two gay men reportedly caused a bomb scare that brought London Heathrow Airport to a stop after they had a row and one of the men made a false accusation to the police.

Mar 11th: Gay B&B couple withdraw compensation claim

A homosexual couple who successfully sued the Christian owners of a hotel who refused them a bed are withdrawing a claim for more compensation, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has confirmed.

Mar 11th: Government working to help footballers come out

The Government is seeking to encourage a welcoming atmosphere in football in which gay players can come out without fear of discrimination, MPs have been told.

Mar 9th: Man charged with punching girlfriends gay best friend over sexual allegations

A man attacked his girlfriend’s gay friend following allegations made by the man that he had been having relations with her boyfriend.

Mar 4th: Founder of Gibraltar Gay Rights Group stands down

Founder of the Gibraltar Gay Rights group Felix Alvarez, has revealed that he will be standing down from his position within the equality rights group on the British Overseas territory on the South of Spain.

Mar 3rd: Cricketer Davies is happy with who he is

England and Surrey cricketer Steven Davies has come out as gay, making him the first national cricket player to be open about their sexuality in the sport.

Mar 2nd: Anti-gay couple lose foster case

A Christian couple was yesterday told that they wouldn’t be allowed to foster kids after declaring their anti-gay views, the judge ruled.

Feb 21st: Anger expected over launch of book that claims Jesus can cure gay people

A publisher is about to launch a new book that claims Jesus can cure homosexuality and they are already preparing for the outcry over the title that will come from the community.

Feb 14th: Greens would introduce gay marriage

The Green party has vowed that if they were to return to government than they would introduce gay marriage.

Feb 7th: Christian GP sacked as Government drugs adviser over views on homosexuality

A Christian GP has been sacked as a Government drugs adviser just weeks into the job after it emerged he wrote a study linking homosexuality to paedophilia.

Feb 2nd: Man claims Parkinsons drug made him a gay sex addict

A man is suing a British pharmaceutical company after claiming that the medication he was taking to treat his Parkinson’s disease made him into a cross-dressing gay sex addict.

Jan 27th: Teen jailed for Baynham killing

A former public schoolgirl who kicked and stamped on a gay civil servant during a deadly homophobic attack in London has been jailed for seven years for his manslaughter.

Jan 26th: Christian hotel couple to appeal ruling in gay discrimination case

The Christian hotel owners found to be acting illegally when they refused a gay couple a double room are to appeal against the ruling, supporters have said.

Jan 25th: LGBT squash group offered grant

A £6,500 grant has been offered to a gay squash group to help entice the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community with a particular focus on gay women.

Jan 20th: Councillor loses bid for gay flag to be flown from Town Hall

A Retford councillor has lost out on his appeal to have the rainbow flag proudly flying from the Bassetlaw town hall mast in marking of the annual LGBT History Month which takes place in February of each year.

Jan 19th: Tatchell pleased with outcome of hotel case

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell expresses his joy over the outcome of the hotel discrimination case yesterday, saying:

Jan 18th: Gay couple win discrimination case against christian hotel

Christian hotel owners who refused a gay couple a double room acted unlawfully, a judge has ruled.

Jan 17th: Anti-gay therapist could lose license

A therapist is at risk of losing her license after claiming to convert a gay man straight and ‘healing’ him of his alternative sexuality.

Jan 12th: Mickey Rourke to play Gareth Thomas

The rugby player Gareth Thomas has confirmed he is working with a writer on a film about his life which previous reports suggest could star the Oscar-nominated actor, Mickey Rourke

Jan 12th: Simmons and Simmons named top 100 gay friendly law firm

Simmons & Simmons was named the most gay-friendly law firm for the second-year running by LGB charity Stonewall as the legal sector makes strides on LGB issues.

Jan 4th: Gay Dads to open Surrogacy centre

A GAY couple who made legal history by fathering suggorate children are set to open a centre to help other same-sex couples become parents. Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 41, who together with his civil partner Tony is surrogate father to five children, revealed he is to open the unique surrogacy centre for same-sex couples in Maldon next month.

Dec 20th: House of Commons - Deputy Speaker is gay

MP Nigel Evans reveals he is gay, as parliament help group is launched CONSERVATIVE MP Nigel Evans yesterday described how his South Wales upbringing made it tough for him to reveal his sexuality.

Dec 17th: Baynham attackers found guilty

A former public schoolgirl who subjected Mr Baynham to homophobic abuse before kicking and stamping on him during a deadly attack in London is facing jail

Dec 15th: Jury retire to consider verdict on Ian Baynham case

A jury has retired to consider its verdict in the case of a man and a woman accused of killing a man in Trafalgar Square.

Dec 13th: Gay couple in Seaside hotel "set-up?"

A gay couple suing the Christian owners of a seaside hotel may have booked a double room as a "set-up", a court heard today.

Dec 9th: Greens leader expects Scottish MPs to pass gay marriage by next year

Leader of the Scottish Green Party has claimed that he believes the Scottish Parliament will vote in favour of gay marriage come next year’s parliamentary election.

Dec 3rd: Gay dad wins joint custody

A gay woman and her civil partner have lost their appeal against a ruling granting joint residency to the father of their two children who were born by artificial insemination.

Nov 29th: Lesbian couple make a marriage bid

A lesbian couple, Colette French and Katie Green, will apply for a civil marriage licence, in a direct challenge to the UK's legal ban on same-sex marriage.

Nov 24th: Baynham case continues as revealed the girls "put the boot in"

Two teenage girls "put the boot in" to a fatally injured man in Trafalgar Square after he was subjected to gay taunts, the Old Bailey has heard.

Nov 22nd: Another heterosexual couple put forward an equality bid

A heterosexual couple, Ian Goggin and Kristin Skarsholt, will challenge the legal ban on straight civil partnerships by filing an application at Bristol Register Office

Nov 18th: First openly gay MP wins an award

Former MP Chris Smith has been awarded, Freedom of the Borough in Islington, for his work in name of the community.

Nov 17th: Christian paediatrician dismissed over anti-gay adoption beliefs

A Christian paediatrician was dismissed from her role on an adoption panel over her belief that children should not be placed with same-sex couples, a tribunal has been told.

Nov 10th: Heterosexual couple denied equality

A heterosexual couple, Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle, were refused a civil partnership at Islington Register Office in London yesterday morning, Tuesday, 9 November.

Nov 8th: OutRage backs hetro Civil Partnership bid after dismissal

A heterosexual couple, Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle, will challenge the ban on straight civil partnerships by filing an application at Islington Register Office in London this Tuesday, 9 November at 10.15am.

Nov 8th: Stonewall Awards - The Winners

The fifth Stonewall Awards, hosted by Sue Perkins, were held last night at London's V&A and attended by 450 people including celebrities, politicians, sportspeople and writers.

Nov 3rd: Lesbians marriage bid rejected

A lesbian couple's application for a civil marriage licence was today refused by Greenwich register office in south-east London

Nov 1st: Anti-gay Christian couple banned from fostering challenge decision

A Christian couple who say they have been barred from fostering because of their "traditional" views on homosexuality are to take their case to the High Court.

Oct 29th: Report suggests that universities can become incubators for extreme Islam views

The Quilliam Foundation's latest briefing paper, Radicalisation on British University Campuses:  A case study, cites hate incidents at City University in London during the last academic year (September 2009 - June 2010).

Oct 28th: Ad Agency bans gay priest ad

Antonio Federici has had a second advert banned after using two male priests sharing a tub of ice cream sharing a seductive pose said to cause a stir with the catholic community.

Oct 27th: Equal love campaign launched in London

Britain's new Equal Love campaign was launched today with a news conference in London.  It aims to challenge the twin bans on gay marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships

Oct 25th: A guide for gay fathers is released

A guide for gay fathers has been launched, offering advice on adoption, fostering and surrogacy to gay couples who want to become parents.

Oct 21st: Hate Crime Vigil returns to London this weekend

Last year, on 30 October 2009, 10,000 people descended on Trafalgar Square to commemorate the first International Day against Hate Crime.

Oct 20th: Saudi Prince jailed for life over gay lover murder

A Saudi prince who used his servant as a "human punchbag" has been jailed for life for beating and strangling him to death at a London hotel.

Oct 18th: Accused "gay" Saudi Prince could face death penalty if sent home

A Saudi prince accused of murdering his servant in Britain could face the death penalty in his homeland over allegations of homosexuality, a London court heard on Friday.

Oct 15th: Cardiff Lib Dem leader fights to save gay pub

Cardiff Liberal Democrat Councilor Rodney Berman has released a compelling letter in a bid to save the infamous gay Cardiff Pub, the Kings Cross, from closing down.

Oct 14th: THT CEO praises late patron Claire Rayner

Agony aunt and author come gay charity patron Claire Rayner died aged 79 and Terrace Higgins Trust CEO celebrates the acclaimed journalist and her work for reaching equality.

Oct 13th: The Gay Liberation Front's social revolution

On 13 October 1970, the Gay Liberation Front was founded in Britain. It was a modest beginning, with 19 people meeting in a basement in the London School of Economics.

Oct 11th: Sir Ian McKellen tours schools with Stonewall to prevent homophobic bullying

Sir Ian McKellen will be touring schools for the following three months to help promote Stonewall’s campaign to prevent homophobic bullying in schools around the nation.

Oct 11th: George Michael released from jail after just four weeks

Pop star George Michael has been released from prison after four weeks, sources said.

Oct 8th: Elmbridge proves well on LGBT county poll

A recent survey has been taken to find the council that works its best when facing gay issues and a local London Council Elmbridge was one to come out in the top end of the poll.

Oct 7th: Saudi Prince not in relationship with 'murder victim' in London hotel

The lawyer for a Saudi prince accused of murdering his servant in a London hotel has denied that he and the alleged victim were in a gay relationship.

Oct 4th: Study says BBC should show gay people more positively

The BBC should do more to ensure it shows alternatives to gay stereotypes, according to a report.

Sep 30th: Tatchell receives a plaque for his work

Peter Tatchell has become one of the select few who has been awarded a commemorated blue plaque in his home in Bermondsey.

Sep 29th: New South Western regional gay football league

Five gay football teams in the South West of the country have formed together to form their very own regional league.

Sep 27th: Archbishop of Canterbury has "no problem"gay bishops

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the leader of the world's Anglicans, has "no problem" with gay bishops, he told The Times in an interview on Saturday.

Sep 23rd: Acceptance of gay marriage growing says Tatchell

Same-sex marriage is an idea whose time has come. It is the growing trend all over the world, from Canada to South Africa and Argentina. Why can't we have marriage equality in Britain too?

Sep 20th: Cricket ace streaks for gay mag

England cricketer Jimmy Anderson has performed his own streak by becoming the first professional player to appear naked on the cover of gay magazine Attitude.

Sep 17th: Breaking: Five arrested over Pope plot

Five men have been arrested by police investigating a suspected plot to harm the Pope.

Sep 17th: Tatchell talks Pope protest in London on Saturday

This Saturday's Protest the Pope march and rally will condemn the Pope's sexism and homophobia, his collusion with the cover up of child sex abuse, and his welcome back into the church of the holocaust-denying bishop, Richard Williamson.

Sep 16th: Pope arrives in the UK and is welcomed by at least one Queen

Queen Elizabeth II welcomed Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday for the first ever state visit to Britain by a pope.

Sep 15th: Eve of arrival and victims of childhood abuse demand Vatican hand over records

Survivors of abuse by Catholic priests have renewed their calls for the Pope to hand over all information on the scandal, ahead of his visit to the UK.

Sep 14th: Antipope protesters prepare for weekend march

This Saturday's Protest the Pope march and rally will condemn the Pope's opposition to gay equality and his claim that all gay people posses a tendency towards "evil."

Sep 10th: Gay Catholic Priest to Speak at ‘Protest the Pope’ Rally

Father Bernard Lynch, a gay Irish-born Roman Catholic priest now living in London, is set to speak at the ‘Protest the Pope’ march and rally which takes place in the capital later this month.

Sep 9th: Mr Gay UK PC denies rape charges

Mark Carter a police officer and former Mr Gay UK winner has denied in court a number of rape charges that have been claimed against.

Sep 9th: Tatchell talks the Pope, the Holocaust and human rights

I was born in 1952, seven years after the end of the Second World War. My awareness of the Holocaust is one of the factors that spurred me to work for human rights, to ensure that such monstrous crimes never happen again.

Sep 8th: Brighton man attacked in homophobic attack

A man was attacked by a gang of youths in the nations gay capital as he walked through a known gay cruising area of Brighton.

Sep 8th: Southwark Archbishop asks to meet Pope protesters

Protest the Pope spokespeople will hold a press conference on the pavement outside New Scotland Yard on Wednesday 8 September at around 12 noon, immediately after their meeting with the Catholic Archbishop of Southwark, Peter Smith.

Sep 8th: Comedian Frank Skinner to join academics and clerics for celibacy debate

Pope Benedict XVI recently said that celibacy is "The sign of full devotion, the entire commitment to the Lord." Is he right or has the time now come to openly challenge that view? Leading Catholic thinkers, clerics and celebrities to have a live public debate on the vow of celibacy.

Sep 8th: Campaign to tackle suicide in young men

Welsh International Rugby Union referee Nigel Owens urged men to talk about their problems as he helped launch a campaign against suicide amongst men.

Sep 6th: Miliband tops poll by gay labour voters

Ed Miliband will win the majority of support from gay voters in this month's Labour leadership election, according to a poll.

Sep 3rd: Wife of Speaker criticises Hague over revealing marriage details

The wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow has criticised William Hague for detailing his wife's miscarriages in a statement denying a sexual relationship with an aide.

Sep 2nd: Peter Tatchell talks about his C4 Pope documentary

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell presents an hour-long examination of Pope Benedict XVI, broadcast on Channel 4 at 8pm on Monday 13 September, three days before the Pontiff's State Visit to Britain.

Sep 2nd: William Hague speaks frankly about gay rumours

William Hague has released a personal statement to clear up rumours surrounding his sexuality and any suggestions towards sexual relationship with his adviser Christopher Myers who has since resigned from his position and has branded the rumours causing the resignation as “untrue and malicious”.

Sep 1st: Bumper crowd turns out for Bank Holiday fun at Gay Sports Day

Twelve teams competed for victory in Gay Sports Day, cheered on by a packed crowd of supporters. The event, organised by GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT), took place in Vauxhall Spring Gardens on Bank Holiday Monday.

Sep 1st: Londonderry Pride a success but man attacked after celebrations

Londonderry celebrated its first LGBT pride on the weekend that proved to be a success among many gay and straight party goers despite a strong religious stance against homosexuality in the city which was reconfirmed after a man revealed he was a victim of hate crime on the day.

Aug 27th: Londonderry prepares for first ever Pride

Londonderry is one step closer to gaining equality for the LGBT residents as the Northern Ireland city prepares its self for their first ever Pride celebrations.

Aug 27th: Soap actor victim of hate crime attack

Emmerdale Actor Danny Miller was attacked earlier this week in an incident that he said was related to his portrayal of his gay character on the ITV soap.

Aug 27th: Kylie joins fundraising efforts for UK GMFA Sports Day

Gay icon Kylie Minogue has joined rugby star Ben Cohen in supporting the fundraising efforts at this year’s Gay Sports Day.

Aug 26th: GMFA tackles rise in Hepatitis C infections among HIV-positive gay men

Approximately 250,000 to 600,000 people in the UK have Hepatitis C and only 55,000 have been diagnosed, according to treatment activist group HIV i-Base1. That means up to 91% of people with Hepatitis C may be undiagnosed.

Aug 25th: Ben Cohen Signs Jock Strap and T-Shirt for Gay Sports Day Auction

Fancy getting your hands on a signed jock strap and T-shirt from Rugby star Ben Cohen? Then head down to Gay Sports Day this Bank Holiday Monday, where you can bid for these and other items in a charity auction.

Aug 25th: London gay bar to host event for David Miliband

One of London’s top gay destinations in the heart of Soho is holding an event in honour for Labour MP David Miliband next week.

Aug 23rd: Thousands march for gay rights in Dublin

Thousands of campaigners have marched through the streets of Dublin to demand same sex couples have full civil marriage rights.

Aug 20th: Barnardo’s supports adoption anti-gay application rejection

Following Catholic Care’s application to only offer their adoption services to those who are heterosexual being rejected; National charity Barnados has come out in support of the decision made by the Human Rights Commission to dismiss the appeal saying it’s about “love.”

Aug 20th: Barnardo’s supports adoption anti-gay application rejection

Following Catholic Care’s application to only offer their adoption services to those who are heterosexual being rejected; National charity Barnados has come out in support of the decision made by the Human Rights Commission to dismiss the appeal saying it’s about “love.”

Aug 20th: Barnardo’s supports adoption anti-gay application rejection

Following Catholic Care’s application to only offer their adoption services to those who are heterosexual being rejected; National charity Barnados has come out in support of the decision made by the Human Rights Commission to dismiss the appeal saying it’s about “love.”

Aug 20th: Barnardo’s supports adoption anti-gay application rejection

Following Catholic Care’s application to only offer their adoption services to those who are heterosexual being rejected; National charity Barnados has come out in support of the decision made by the Human Rights Commission to dismiss the appeal saying it’s about “love.”

Aug 20th: BBC presenter face charges after killing claim 'wasted time'

BBC presenter Ray Gosling will be prosecuted for wasting police time after he claimed on a BBC programme that he assisted to kill his gay partner.

Aug 20th: NHS Scotland Chief warns about use of gay lingo

The NHS in Lothian Scotland has warned its staff to aware of language used when using the areas latest to scheme aimed towards helping the gay community with mental health services.

Aug 19th: Catholic adoption service bid to block gays adopting fails

A Catholic adoption service was facing closure after it lost its latest battle with the Charity Commission for the right to be able to discriminate against gay couples.

Aug 18th: Teen charged over gay sex line blackmail

A teenager has been arrested following charges of extortion after being caught blackmailing men after setting up a fake gay sex chatline and then threatening to ‘out’ the men to their friends and family if they did not pay him substantial amounts of cash reaching a total of up to £90,000.

Aug 16th: BBC to recall the moment Lord Mandelson was outed

The BBC is to air the moment Lord Mandelson was outed by columnist Matthew Parris for the first time since it happened more than a decade ago.

Aug 16th: Isle of Wight offended by Thompson gay stoning joke

Actress Emma Thompson has found herself in a spot of trouble with the residents of Isle of Wight after she joked on a US network that they still stoned homosexuals there.

Aug 12th: Another gay London man victim of spiking and theft

Gay men of London are being warned to be aware when accepting drinks from strangers after a number of incidents insinuating two men spiking drinks of a club-goer before stealing all their belongings.

Aug 11th: Worcester gay pride cancelled till 2011

Worcester's first ever gay pride festival planned for this summer has been cancelled due to insufficient funds to carry out the celebrations.

Aug 9th: Former vicar banned from fostering over gay views

A former vicar and his wife have been banned from fostering after saying they did not want gay couples to come to their home.

Aug 9th: Liberal Democrats will vote on gay marriage

The Liberal Democrats are to vote on full marriage rights for gay couples at next months party conference, as they aim to highlight the differences in the newly formed coalition government between themselves and the Conservatives.

Aug 6th: London 2012 urged to heavily feature multicultural communities

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell will next week meet London Olympic organisers, to urge that the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics feature high visibility representations of all of London's diverse, multicultural communities.

Aug 5th: Vigil held for 2nd anniversary of Michael Causer murder

Liverpool gathered together for the second year anniversary of the murder of gay 18-year-old Michael Causer and collected their thoughts for the youngster in a candle lit vigil held in the city centre.

Aug 4th: David Miliband expresses his support for gay marriage

David Miliband has come out to say that he longs to redefine “the definition of marriage” and brands the move to same sex marriage as says that he sees it as the “next step in our mission for equality”.

Aug 4th: Victim of hate crime hours before pride speaks out

A gay barman has spoken out about the moment he was a victim of hate crime just hours before his home city of Leeds celebrated their annual LGBT Pride event.

Aug 2nd: New hate crime scheme for Central Scotland

A new scheme has been released in Scotland in a bid to tackle the issue of hate crimes towards the gay community.

Aug 2nd: Belfast Pride "Can't dampen our spirits"

Despite the rain that fell on the streets of Belfast this weekend, spirits weren’t dampened as pride goers in there thousands attended the annual Pride festival to celebrate everything LGBT.

Jul 30th: European Man-For-Man Internet Sex Survey 2010

TAKE PART HERE NOW Sigma Research has just launched EMIS - the European gay and bisexual men’s sex survey which incorporates the UKs Gay Men's Sex Survey also known as Vital Statistics. The survey will be available to complete in 25 languages, until 31st August 2010.

Jul 30th: THT Re-launch support group for men with HIV and Hep C

On Thursday 12 August, Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) will be running another six week course for gay men who are living with HIV and Hepatitis C. The group will meet each week from 6.30 - 9.30pm in central London.

Jul 30th: Brighton University study Hastings LGBT community

Brighton University are beginning a study into the gay community of its neighbouring seaside town of Hastings in an attempt to see if the anti-discrimination legislation in working in the area.

Jul 29th: UK conference bid to stop execution of Iranian man

New information on the threatened execution of 43 year old Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, and others who have been also sentenced to death by stoning in Iran, will be revealed at a London press conference this Friday by Mina Ahadi, Coordinator of the International Committee Against Executions and the International Committee Against Stoning.

Jul 28th: New generation accept gay footballers

A recent study has shown that 93% of football fans would continue to support their players if they were to come out as gay.

Jul 28th: Tatchell urges Equalities Minister to review ban on gay marriage

Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone MP, has been urged to initiate a government review and public consultation on the ban on gay civil marriage.

Jul 26th: Backing 'Brokeback Coalition'

Following the controversial comments made by Tory MP David Davis who alikened the coalition government between David Cameron and Nick Clegg to the gay cowboy love story in the hit film Brokeback Mountain.

Jul 26th: Ireland 'nearly there' with gay equality, says Senator Norris

Speaking ahead of Amnesty International Belfast Pride lecture on Monday, Irish Senator David Norris has revealed that believes both Northern and Southern Ireland are well on their way to achieving gay equality.

Jul 26th: Tatchell acceptance speech for Honorary Doctorate

Peter Tatchell has this weekend accepted his honory doctorate for all his hard work for human rights at a ceremony held in the Brighton Dome on 23 July 2010.

Jul 22nd: Tatchell ambushes Griffin

The far right BNP leader Nick Griffin was ambushed at his press conference and photo call at Millbank Studios in London this afternoon by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Jul 22nd: UK TV portrayal of gay people inaccurate

A recent survey undertaken by LGBT organisation Stonewall, has monitored over 120 hours of television to determine how the gay community are portrayed to youths in this day and age and it has claimed to be inaccurate and following typical stereotypes.

Jul 21st: Tatchell to receive Honorary Doctorate

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell will receive an Honorary Doctorate for services to human rights, this Friday, 23 July.

Jul 21st: Gay people suffer in rural areas

Gay people in rural areas suffer isolation and discrimination and feel unable to fully integrate into their communities, it has been claimed.

Jul 19th: British film wins at Outfest in LA

Two lesbian dramas won top awards Sunday at Outfest, the 28th Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival with British film about Anne Lister being one of them.

Jul 19th: Students protest gay blood ban

Students have protested against a "discriminatory" ban which prevents gay men from donating blood.

Jul 16th: Homophobia is still rife says former BP chief executive

The former chief executive of BP has claimed homophobia is still rife within public life. Lord Browne of Madingley said prominent gay men and lesbians feel continued pressure to hide their sexuality in order to succeed.

Jul 16th: Anne Widdecombe blasts LGBT asylum ruling

The Express Newspaper is under fire after Anne Widdecombes views within the national paper where she attacked the immigration system and focused on situation with gay refugees.

Jul 16th: Human Rights Watch apologises to Peter Tatchell

Human Rights Watch (HRW), the world's largest and most prestigious human rights organization, has made a stunning public apology to Britain's iconic gay and human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, for attacks heaped on him by HRW's Scott Long, who directs the organization's LGBT program.

Jul 15th: PC quits over gay lover background search

Married police constable, who was caught using work computers to background checks on his secret gay lovers, has since quit work after being suspended.

Jul 14th: Thousands attend Bournemouth Pride

Thousands reveled in the glorious sunshine at the seaside town of Bournemouth this weekend, as it celebrated its gay pride with a parade through the streets and ended in a party in the towns gay district, all in the name of celebrating diversity.

Jul 13th: Gay group challenging Obama's services policy

A Republican gay rights group frustrated with the Obama administration's failure to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" law is challenging the policy's constitutionality in federal court in Southern California.

Jul 12th: LGBT Christian movement 'dismayed' at gay Bishop block

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement has expressed "dismay" at the decision of the Crown Nominations Commission to block the appointment of Dr Jeffrey John, as Bishop of Southwark.

Jul 12th: Man falls from balcony at Birmingham gay club

A Birmingham nightclub reveller was rushed to hospital after falling from a balcony on a night out last Thursday.

Jul 12th: Stonewall to sponsor UK Black Pride 2010

Stonewall, the campaign group for lesbian, gay and bisexual rights, has become a main sponsor of UK Black Pride 2010

Jul 9th: Murderer appeal fails in Court

A man guilty of murdering a gay man and attempted murder of his partner has failed in his appeal bid for a shorter sentence.

Jul 8th: Senior school staff member keeps job over gay porn incident

A senior staff member at Harrow School has kept his job as assistant registrar after a pupil caught him downloading gay pornography on a school compute

Jul 8th: Gay priest denied right to be a Bishop

An openly gay cleric has been blocked from becoming a Church of England bishop, amid fears the controversial ordination could have further strained the Anglican movement, reports said Thursday.

Jul 7th: Mardi Gras planned for Anglesey

A lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Mardi Gras is being planned for north Wales for the first time.

Jul 7th: Stonewall speak on asylum ruling

Chief Executive of Stonewall Ben Summerskill responds to court ruling

Jul 6th: Peter Tatchell on the GLF

This years gay pride parade in London celebrates 40 years since the formation of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) in Britain. This was a watershed moment in British queer history.

Jul 5th: Tatchell says we should be more like Ireland

Peter Tatchell has responded to the revelation of how much the Monarchy is costing the tax payer.

Jul 5th: Anglican leader warns of church split if gay is appointed

A leading conservative Anglican has warned the Church of England could split if an openly gay man is appointed Bishop of Southwark.

Jul 5th: Pride London attended by over one million

Pride London on Saturday was attended by over one million people.

Jul 2nd: Homophobia reported in HMP Dartmoor

An alarming report has come to light showing a high level of homophobia in prisons from the staff, with some refusing to even have contact with the prisoners.

Jul 2nd: London 2012 Olympics reveals LGBT badges

London 2012 has revealed a new LGBT badge for its Olympics for athletes and public to wear with pride in a bid to stamp out homophobia within sport.

Jul 1st: Tatchell to host Pre Pride fundraising cruise

Peter Tatchell and Pink Jack invite you all to attend a Pre Pride cruise all in the name of fundraising with All proceeds from ticket sales go to the Peter Tatchell Human Rights Fund.

Jul 1st: Rise in gay men forced into straight marriage

An increasing number of men are being forced into marriage, a government body revealed Thursday, often because they are gay or bisexual.

Jun 30th: Rugby club fined £40k over gay chants at Gareth Thomas

A rugby club has yesterday been slapped with a hefty £40,000 fine are their supporters chanted obscene homophobic chants to recently out rugby player Gareth Thomas.

Jun 29th: The Rainbow Project on gay hate crime in Northern Ireland

Research carried out by The Rainbow Project indicates that 39% of lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) people have been the victim of some sort of crime in the last three years, with 10% of LGB people being the victim of one or more homophobic incidents in 2009.

Jun 29th: The Rainbow Project on gay hate crime in Northern Ireland

Research carried out by The Rainbow Project indicates that 39% of lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) people have been the victim of some sort of crime in the last three years, with 10% of LGB people being the victim of one or more homophobic incidents in 2009.

Jun 29th: Mr Gay UK Trial date set

A police officer and former Mr Gay UK winner has had a trial date set after being charged with a number of sex offences.

Jun 29th: Stonewall's summer party raises 10k

Over 350 guests attended Stonewall’s annual Summer Party on Friday night at The Roof Gardens in Kensington.

Jun 28th: Scottis Rev furious over 'anti-gay' Bishop

A furious clergyman has slammed Scotland's oldest uni for giving a top professor role to an "anti-gay" bishop.

Jun 28th: GLF - 40 years on

“We were just spectacular,” says Michael James, former drag queen and member of the 1970s’ Gay Liberation Front.

Jun 28th: Two gay men attacked n Londonderry

Two men who were assaulted in Londonderry at the weekend have said they were targeted because they are gay.

Jun 24th: Older swingers at higher risk of STIs

Partner-swapping swingers could be threatening the population with sexually-transmitted diseases, researchers claim.

Jun 24th: Former gay uk winner faces sex charges

A police officer and former Mr Gay UK winner has appeared in court charged with a number of sex offences.

Jun 23rd: Former Mr Gay UK attends court over rape charges

A police officer and former Mr Gay UK has appeared in court charged with a number of sex offences, including raping another man.

Jun 23rd: Pride London forced to cancel Soho stage

Pride London has been forced to take the difficult decision to cancel the Soho element of the event on 03 July 2010.

Jun 18th: Birmingham LGBT community plays important role in culture bid

The LGBT community in Birmingham has been told that have an important role to play in order for the city to become the UK’s first City of Culture in 2013.

Jun 18th: Mr Gay UK come PC faces court over rape charges

A former Mr. Gay UK and police officer has been charged with counts of rape for an incident that reportedly happened in Leeds last year.

Jun 18th: Stonewall issue advise on how to become a gay dad

Stonewall marks Father’s Day by calling on gay dads to come forward to help inform a major guide focusing on gay dads

Jun 18th: Manchester Airport partners up with Gaydio

The UK’s first solely gay radio, Gaydio, is being launched today and Manchester airport has been revealed to be a foundation partner for the radio station and also in this year’s city pride event, which is a first for the North Western airport.

Jun 18th: Rights groups angry over Bishops free vote

Rights groups have rounded on the Catholic Church after Bishops called for TDs to be allowed a free vote on new civil partnership laws.

Jun 17th: David Cameron holds LGBT Reception at Downing Street

David Cameron last night held an LGBT reception at Downing Street ahead of the summer Pride celebrations.

Jun 17th: Young policewoman's suicide linked to homophobia from colleagues

A gay policewoman who hung herself reportedly did so after being the victim of homophobic taunts from her colleagues, which she penned down in a four-page suicide note.

Jun 17th: Tatchell leads UK march to Iranian Embassy for human rights

Hundreds will be demonstrating in London against Sharia and all religious laws and in support of secularism and universal human rights on Sunday 20 June 2010. The rally, organised by the One Law for All Campaign, will be held from 2pm to 4pm at Richmond Terrace, in Whitehall, opposite Downing Street, SW1. On the day, the Campaign will make public its new report entitled: Sharia Law in Britain: A Threat to One Law for All and Equal Rights.

Jun 16th: New HIV figures released for Ireland

Figures have revealed that last year 395 people were diagnosed with HIV in Ireland with a high percentage being gay men but the numbers also shockingly included a newborn baby and four children.

Jun 16th: The Queen awards a lesbian activist an MBE

Lesbian activist Clare Dimyon has been awarded an MBE from the Queen this year, as Her Majesty reveals her annual birthday honours list, which awards those who have served the country well.

Jun 16th: Gay Iranian asylum seeker jailed for fake ID

A gay Iranian man who fled his country for fear of his own safety has been jailed in the UK for one year for possessing a fake passport and driving license after his application for asylum failed through the Home Office.

Jun 15th: Stonewall is charity partner of Lovebox

London’s Lovebox Weekender has partnered with Stonewall for the music festival on Sunday 18 July 2010 in Victoria Park.

Jun 14th: Space Theme for Oxford PRIDE

Space, The Final Frontier, the voyages of the Oxford LGBT Community. A wonderful day for Oxford Pride 2010.

Jun 11th: Homophobic attack on London bus

Police are looking for a man who abused two gay men verbally and physically as they waited for a bus in Wandsworth, South West London.

Jun 11th: Lloyds TSB go GAY

Lloyds TSB are launching their new ad campaign that will see you two men as opposed to the generic straight couple.

Jun 11th: Gay married PC spied on lovers

A gay policeman is in risk of losing his job after being found to have done police checks on his gay lovers using the work computers.

Jun 10th: Pride London congratulates coalition on LGBT commitment

Pride London today congratulated the new coalition government on its commitments to LGBT equality.

Jun 10th: Man must serve 23 years for gay murder

A 21-year-old man must serve a minimum of 23 years in jail after murdering a gay pensioner in his home.

Jun 10th: Crusaid's Walk for life a great success

Over 2,000 took to the streets of the capital on Sunday 6th June to help leading HIV and AIDS charity Crusaid celebrate the 21st Birthday of Crusaid’s Walk for Life.

Jun 9th: BA pilots in trouble over abusive comments

A number of BA pilots have been scrutinized after placing abusive comments over Facebook after a stint as cabin crew offending passengers and highly homophobic comments towards the regular cabin crew.

Jun 9th: Liverpool ready for first Pride festival

Liverpool is getting ready celebrate its first LGBT Pride festival in August as thousands are expected to the head to the cultural city for the celebrations.

Jun 9th: Stonewall publishes groundbreaking parenting research

Stonewall today publishes groundbreaking research examining the experiences of children with gay parents.

Jun 9th: It's time to be PC PC's

A new guide has been issued within Lothian and Borders Police in Scotland which is aimed to prevent their officers from using condescending language towards the public or within the workplace.

Jun 8th: Manager of homophobic pub suspended

Police have confirmed they are investigating a pub that allegedly refused to serve a gay group in a row over their sexuality.

Jun 7th: Tatchell keynote speaker at Salford University's human rights conference

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell was a keynote speaker at Salford University's human rights conference on 4 and 5 June 2010, held to mark the first decade of the Human Rights Act.

Jun 7th: Anger of pub refusing to serve LGBT group

A police investigation has begun after a London pub refused to serve a LGBT Labour group in London due to their sexuality.

Jun 4th: Pride London launches official after party

Liberation, the Official Party for Pride London was launched today. The night of 03 July 2010 will see KOKO, Camden filled with world-class DJs including The Freemasons, Wayne G, Andy Almighty and Stewart Who?

Jun 4th: Tatchell to host Channel 4 Pope documentary

Channel Four Television have announced that human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell will present an hour-long documentary on the Pope, to be broadcast shortly before the pontiff's State Visit to Britain in September this year.

Jun 4th: David Laws brands past "stupid" as everyone is accepting

David Laws has spoken about how his recent sexuality outing via an expenses scandal has been a big comfort as he can now begin living who he is and not continue on with the lie.

Jun 3rd: How gay-friendly is the next Lib Dem deputy leader?

Stonewall today published voting records for the two Liberal Democrat deputy leadership candidates

Jun 3rd: LGBT netowrking evening for Devon residents

A networking evening has been set up for the LGBT residents of Devon in an attempt to show them wants on offer for gay, lesbian, bi and transsexual people in the area.

Jun 2nd: Britain's youngest Mayor is gay

Britain has now elected its youngest Mayor to date and he is an openly gay young 23-year-old man.

Jun 2nd: Anger of The Sun gay minister survey

The Sun has caused havoc after publishing a poll yesterday asking whether gay people should be allowed to be cabinet ministers.

Jun 1st: Birmingham Pride Huge Success

An estimated 75,000 party revellers from around the UK descended on Birmingham for the 14th annual Pride festival, which has become one of the biggest free LGBT festivals in the UK.

May 28th: New gay Mayor and Mayoress for Camden

Camden welcomed a new gay Mayor and Mayoress to the North London town as the pair endeavor to help keep music alive through the famous alternative hotspot and keep it known for what it does best, produce great artists.

May 28th: Anti-gay preacher to sue over wrongful arrest

Christian Preacher Dale Mcalpine, who was arrested for telling the police that homosexuality was a sin as he preached in the street, has now decided to sue the local force for wrongful arrest.

May 28th: Fortune of Stephen Gately shared

Details of Stephen Gately’s £3.3million fortune were recently made public and partner Andrew Cowles has revealed that he will split the money with the singers parents.

May 27th: Gay Minister Alan Duncan visits Nepal

Openly-gay Tory MP Alan Duncan and newly appointed UK Minister for International Development Alan Duncan has landed in Nepal to meet with the nations Prime Minister.

May 26th: First UK FM LGBT station set to launch on air

The UK’s first solely gay radio has been granted permission to go ahead and has now set a date of June 18th to take a bit of LGBT magic to the radio airwaves.

May 25th: Film about coming out in sport launches

The Justin Campaign said they were delighted to watch Mark Chapman’s documentary yesterday evening on footballs last taboo, homophobia.

May 25th: Meet Jackie Kay

The author / poet Jackie Kay will be signing copies of her new 'autobiographical journey': ‘Red Dust Road' at Gay's The Word Bookshop, 66 Marchmont Street London WC1N 1AB [Russell Square tube] on Wednesday 9th June at 1pm

May 25th: BNP teacher cleared of intolerance

A BNP activist who posted comments on the internet describing immigrants as ‘savage animals’ while working as a teacher was cleared of racial and religious intolerance today.

May 24th: Home Office returns threatened gay asylums says Stonewall report

Groundbreaking new research suggests that asylum-seekers who have been raped, tortured and threatened with death because of their sexual orientation in their home country are being routinely deported because of systemic discrimination in the asylum system.

May 24th: Tatchell speaks about Anglican Boycott

A leading consultant with Anglican Mainstream, the Church of England's conservative and traditionalist wing, has called for a boycott of the UK's Christian version of Woodstock, the mega Greenbelt arts festival, which takes place in Cheltenham in August.

May 21st: Its a gay old life at Oxford University

More than one in five men at Oxford University have had gay sex, according to a recent survey conducted by the newspaper that’s been produced by students at Oxford since 1920.

May 20th: Pride London welcomes new government's commitments to equality

Pride London today congratulated the new coalition government on its commitments to LGBT equality.

May 20th: Peter Tatchell speaks to Pinkwire

Peter Tatchell has spoken to Pinkwire and urged readers to contact the Steven and Tiwonge, a gay couple in Malawi who have just been sentenced to 14 years inprisonment for homosexual acts.

May 20th: Life's a beach

The Guardian has looked into Brighton and how it is heading into new realms. What is it that everyone loves about Brighton for a weekend get away? Why are Londoners escape the hustle and bustle of the big bad city. Guardian writer Alexis Petridis looks into it.

May 19th: Jury discuss verdict over Baynham killers

The Jury who have heard both arguments over the homophobic attack on Ian Baynham, have now left the court to deliberate their verdict on those accused.

May 19th: Pink Parliament

The Conservatives now have the largest number of openly gay male MPs

May 19th: Doncaster Pride receives 25k grant

Doncaster’s gay Pride organisers have reportedly secured a £24,500 lottery grant to help fund the annual LGBT celebration parade.

May 18th: Police tackle homophobic hate crime in London

Raids across London have been carried out by the Metropolitan Police as part of an operation to crackdown on hate crime.

May 18th: Ipswich man jailed for gay slasher killing

An Ipswich man who killed a gay hair stylist who made unwanted sexual advances to him has been told he will have to serve at least 18 years of a life sentence before he can be considered for early release.

May 18th: Doncaster Gay Pride future secured?

Organisers of Doncaster's gay pride festival believe they have secured the event's future with a £24,500 lottery grant.

May 18th: Accused homophobe Stroud now top government advisor

Phillippa Stroud failed Tory MP come accused homophobe, has now become a top Government advisor.

May 17th: Stonewall supports IDAHO

Stonewall fully supports IDAHO (the International Day Against Homophobia ) on Monday 17 May - a landmark 20 years to the day that the World Health Organisation took the groundbreaking decision to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

May 17th: Preacher case dropped after Tatchell offers to testify for defence

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has dropped all charges against homophobic Christian street preacher, Dale McAlpine, shortly after gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell offered to testify in defence of his right to free speech.

May 17th: Christian B&B owners now face court

Christian B&B owners are facing legal action following their refusal of a gay couple in March.

May 17th: Tatchell on CPS dropping charges against anti-gay preacher

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has dropped all charges against homophobic Christian street preacher, Dale McAlpine, shortly after gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell offered to testify in defence of his right to free speech.

May 14th: You shall go to the ball (In a rainbow bus)

Two year 11 girls headed to their dance last night in a rainbow double-decker bus in a bid to make a statement over same-sex couples attending following the dramas caused stateside.

May 13th: No 'Stamping' evidence in Baynham trial court told

A teenage girl who kicked and stamped on a gay man in central London acted in a "reprehensible" way but there was no evidence she caused his death, her lawyer told a court.

May 13th: MP accused of homophobic football chants

Labour MP Stephen Pound has been scrutinized for reportedly shouting obscene homophobic insults whilst at a football match.

May 12th: Full colours of the SPECTRUM

The Double-Glazed Glass Ceiling is a Stonewall study into the experiences of lesbians and bisexual women in the workplace which reveals that many women identify a real or perceived double disadvantage to being female and out as lesbian/bisexual.

May 12th: David Cameron is PM

David Cameron, the youthful leader who modernized the party of right-wing icon Margaret Thatcher, became prime minister Tuesday after the resignation of Gordon Brown - capping a gripping election saga that returns the Tories to government after 13 years of Labour Party rule.

May 11th: Gay man blackmailed and threatened with 'outing'

A Worcester blackmailer targeted gay men – including a company boss – with demands for money.

May 11th: Friend in court over murder of gay teen

A supposed friend of the young murdered gay teen Jack Frew has stood before the court within 24 hours of his arrest under the suspicion of murder.

May 10th: 16-year-old boy murder feared to be homophobic

Fears have grown that the motive behind the stabbing of a young school boy were related to fact he was openly gay.

May 7th: Accused homophobe Phillippa Stroud misses out on seat

Philippa Stroud, who was recently in hot water over allegations that she tried to cure gays from her church group, has lost her seat within Parliament to the Lib Dem candidate Paul Burstow.

May 7th: Man found guilty of first domestic homosexual murder

The pair, who had just celebrated their second wedding anniversary, were described as a "lovely couple"

May 7th: Gay MP Ben Bradshaw keeps seat

Openly gay Labour MP Ben Bradshaw has kept his Exeter in the elections last night as the tally continues and Britain prepares itself for the result.

May 7th: We have a hung parliament

We have a hung parliament. As we speak the seats stand at:

May 6th: Antony Grey - A Tribute By Peter Tatchell

Commenting on the death of veteran gay rights campaigner, Antony Grey, Peter Tatchell, who knew Antony for nearly 40 years, said:"This is a very sad moment. We have lost a giant of the gay movement.

May 6th: Bayham murderer 'had to act' over fear of girlfriend

A student accused of killing a gay man in London's Trafalgar Square said he punched the victim because he saw him strike a girl and feared she might get hurt.

May 5th: Cameron stands up for Stroud over anti-gay remarks

David Cameron has stood up for one his candidates after a paper reported she attempted to cure gays as it wasn’t Christian but later insisted that she was pro gay equality.

May 4th: Gareth Thomas talks gay chants

Recently out rugby star Gareth Thomas has spoken about the life after being open about his sexuality and the abuse he has since received from fans within his sport.

Apr 30th: Baynham killer 'not the abuse type'

A teenager said to have attacked a gay man in Trafalgar Square, London, was "not the type of girl" to make alleged homophobic comments to him, her ex-boyfriend said.

Apr 29th: Court counsellor ruling welcomed by Stonewall

Today's High Court (ruling to deny appeal to former Relate relationship counsellor Gary McFarlane, who refused to provide services to gay couples, has been welcomed by Stonewall.

Apr 29th: Griffin wants to send you home

Nick Griffin on the Today program this morning on Radio Four said how he is going to give people resettlement grants to send them home.

Apr 29th: Lardner says his side on gays 'not normal' comment

Philip Lardner, who yesterday was removed from his position within the Tory party after making derogatory homophobic comments, has been on STV news to clear up the meaning behind his post.

Apr 28th: Alexander McQueen took drugs before he died

The balance of Alexander McQueen’s mind was disturbed when he hanged himself, the coroner Dr Paul Knapman has determined.

Apr 28th: Cameron gives Lardner the chop

David Cameron has removed Philip Lardner from his position within the Conservative Party within minutes of hearing the derogotoary comments he had made against gay people on his site.

Apr 28th: Tory member "gays not normal"

Once again the Conservative party has found themselves pushing the gay voters away, as we head nearer to the General Election a candidate for the party branded homosexuality as ‘not normal behavior’.

Apr 27th: Corrie actor signs up for equality walk

Charlie Condou – Marcus in Coronation Street – is joining the line-up at the start of this year’s Brighton Equality Walk.

Apr 27th: Amnesty International blasts UK for returning troubled asylum seekers

The UK is among several European countries defying international rules by returning asylum seekers to Iraq despite continuing violence, a human rights group said.

Apr 26th: Lewis creates an LGBT war

Once again the Conservatives have found themselves in a sticky situation, causing their pink vote to turn more into a shade of red, as another leader blasts homosexuality and compares the risks to that of heading into war.

Apr 26th: The Feeling to play at charity walk

On Sunday 6th June, top British band The Feeling will be taking to the stage at Crusaid’s Walk for Life 2010 to help celebrate the event’s 21st Birthday and raise vital funds for adults and children affected by HIV and AIDS living in poverty.

Apr 26th: Foreign Office must apolagise to Pope

The Foreign Office has been forced to issue a public apology after an official document suggested Britain should mark the Pope's visit this year by asking him to open an abortion clinic, bless a gay marriage and launch a range of Benedict-branded condoms.

Apr 23rd: Man banned from Manchester's gay village

Magistrates have banned a man from bars in Manchester’s Gay Village for three years after he threatened a female door supervisor.

Apr 23rd: Leaders quizzed on the Pope

As last nights TV debate got into full swing and the topic soon moved onto Pope Benedict XVI’s stance on homosexuality and his other controversial views including his costly visit.

Apr 23rd: Baynham trial continues

A gay man allegedly attacked in Trafalgar Square was hit with a handbag by a girl before being knocked to the ground, a court heard.

Apr 23rd: Pride London announces a magic evening

Pride London's next fundraising event really will be magic! A host of stars, not normally seen together, will be performing an evening of magic and entertainment 'For One Night Only' at the Cafe De Paris on 06 May 2010.

Apr 22nd: Miliband on Labour and the LGBT community

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband pledged this evening that the UK would be a “relentless champion” on the world stage for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, if Labour were re-elected next month for an unprecedented four term.

Apr 22nd: Chief Superintendent joins starting line for this year's Brighton Equality Walk

Brighton's Chief Superintendent has joined the line-up for the start of this year's Equality Walk. The Walk, which takes place on Sunday May 2 - in the middle of the Bank Holiday - supports Stonewall's Education for All programme which tackles anti-gay bullying in our schools.

Apr 20th: Ian Baynham death like a 'scene from the film Clockwork Orange' court told

A gay man was subjected to homophobic taunts before being punched and stamped to death in London's Trafalgar Square.

Apr 20th: Church to address gay minister debate

Ministers and elders are to debate gay ordination at a special meeting tonight as the Church of Scotland moves to halt a split among its members

Apr 20th: Teens face Baynham death trial

A gay man was attacked and died after being subjected to homophobic taunts in Trafalgar Square, the Old Bailey heard.

Apr 19th: Lesbian mothers make history and get Parental Responsibility

A couple have made history in Brighton after becoming the first gay parents to benefit from new legislation.

Apr 16th: Harmen says marriage equality is a 'developing area'

Harriet Harman launched Labour’s LGBT Manifesto, last night, and said that marriage equality is a “developing area”.

Apr 15th: Gay professor commits suicide after being filmed having sex

A gay professor at India's Aligarh Muslim University has been found dead after his students and a television crew broke into his home and filmed him having sex with a man.

Apr 15th: Tatchell commends Catholic Bishops

Peter Tatchell commends Catholic Bishops in response to the English Catholic Bishops Conference statement (13 April) on child sex abuse and sexual orientation.

Apr 14th: Gay swans set up home

These two swans often raise an "ahhh" from visitors to Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset – because they are just so affectionate.

Apr 13th: Sainsbury's saves crops by turning moths gay

Sainsbury’s has released a new method to help their crops this year as it aims to turn moths gay in attempt to prevent them from ruining apples this season.

Apr 12th: Tatchell discusses Cameron & Osborne's pink answers

"David Cameron and I are very happy to consider the case for gay marriage," Shadow Chancellor George Osborne today told gay rights campaigners, Peter Tatchell and Tamsin Omond, at a meeting this morning at the City Inn hotel in London.

Apr 9th: 'B&B Gate' discussed on Question Time

The case of the Christian B&B owners who turned away a gay couple after they requested for a double room has caused rife across the country and last was discussed on BBC’s Question Time.

Apr 9th: A touching tribute to an outstanding man.

Clint Walters was often seen running the London Marathon agmongst other things to raise money for HIV charities to help in the fight against stigma and ignorance towards HIV/AIDS and educate people who have no conception of what it is to live with the virus.

Apr 8th: Peter Tatchell invites you to a 'Big Gay Flashmob' to picket Cameron

You are invited to join this Sunday's carnival-style "Big Gay Flashmob" street party.

Apr 8th: Tatchell invites Cameron to his own 'Coming Out' Party

Lesbian environmental activist Tamsin Omond and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell this morning delivered a big pink fluffy invite to David Cameron, inviting him to attend this Sunday's "David Cameron Coming Out Street Party" at 2pm outside Conservative election campaign HQ, 30 Millbank, SW1.

Apr 8th: Tory gay rights group leader says vote Labour

Founder of the Tory gay rights groups has revealed that following recent comments made by the Conservative party, she will be voting for the Labour party in this years General Election.

Apr 8th: Tory gay rights group leader says vote Labour

Founder of the Tory gay rights groups has revealed that following recent comments made by the Conservative party, she will be voting for the Labour party in this years General Election.

Apr 7th: Exclusive: Thorntons sells homophobic Easter egg

The high street choclatier Thorntons has sold a homophobic Easter egg.

Apr 7th: Equality Bill becomes Law

The Equality Bill was approved by the House of Commons last night and will enter the statute book this week.

Apr 7th: People have attitude over Cameron on Attitude

After Attitude featured David Cameron on the cover of leading gay magazine, Attittude, it has revealed that they printed only half of its 150,000 copies with his face and gave the other half to a male underwear model – no prizes in guessing which one sold more.

Apr 7th: Red is the Pinkest according to new statistics

According to the site mygayvote if you want to protect and promote your LGBT rights then we should be voting Labour on May 6th. Some startling statistics have been released about the way in which our three top political parties vote when it comes to gay rights.

Apr 6th: Tatchell on : 118 British MPs sign EDM on Uganda Bill

118 British MPs have condemned Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. They have signed an Early Day Motion (EDM 575) in the UK Parliament, urging the scrapping of the Bill.

Apr 6th: Tatchell: Tories must clarify stance on B&B gay discrimination

"Chris Grayling should apologise and retract his support for discrimination against gay couples by B&B owners. His comments create serious doubts about the Conservative party's commitment to lesbian and gay equality.

Apr 1st: Brighton Pride has post-party refused

Brighton Pride planners have insisted their Pride goers that this years festivities will not disappoint despite plans for the beach after party being denied.

Apr 1st: Presenter Nolan fears over gay youth suicide

Former Big Brother star Anna Nolan has expressed her concerns that gay bulling is still very much in the forefront forcing some youngsters to take their own lives.

Mar 31st: Barnardo’s launches ‘Safe Zone’ poster campaign

Children’s charity Barnardo’s is rolling out a ‘Safe Zone’ poster campaign to champion the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) service users, volunteers and staff.

Mar 31st: Tory leader suspended over gay jibes

A Conservative Councilor has been suspended following homophobic comments he posted on his Facebook page. The suspension comes after, Tory Wirral Councilor, Denis Knowles, posted homophobic comments on his profile referring to the Labour party members.

Mar 30th: Sussex BNP Leader v Gay Sussex Conservative Leader

British Nazi Party (BNP) leader for East Sussex, Nick Prince, has critisiced the openly-gay conservative MP for Bexhill and stands by the belief that same-sex kissing in public should be banned.

Mar 30th: Tatchell brands fine on preacher excessive

The conviction and £1,000 fine imposed on a homophobic Christian street preacher in Glasgow has been condemned by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell as "an attack on free speech and a heavy-handed, excessive response to homophobia."

Mar 29th: Bryant weds in Westminster

Europe Minister Chris Bryant yesterday got hitched in the first civil partnership at the Palace of Westminster.

Mar 29th: Prosecute the Pope as an accomplice to sex crimes calls campaign

Fifty protesters from humanist, secular, women's and gay organisations today accused the Pope of "covering up child sex abuse by Catholic clergy," calling him a "protector of paedophile priests" and "an accomplice to sex crimes."

Mar 26th: Chris Bryant to marry in House of Commons

Parliament will host its first ever civil partnership ceremony this weekend, when Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant and his partner Jared Cranney tie the knot.

Mar 26th: Christian group defends homophobic hoteliers

Susanne and Francis Wilkinson were inundated with phone calls and e-mails after they refused accommodation to a male homosexual couple.

Mar 25th: Tatchell on: Protest against Pope

Protesters in London will accuse the Pope of covering up child sex abuse by Catholic clergy and demand his resignation. The protest will take place at 12 noon this Sunday 28 March 2010 outside Westminster Cathedral (the main Catholic church in Britain) in Victoria Street, London SW1.

Mar 24th: Blue Cameron left red-faced over gay issues

David Cameron found himself in a spot of bother during an interview with Gay Times where he was quizzed on his party’s stance on gay issues. In the cringing televised interview with the publication the Tory leader found himself stumbling over the questions put forward to him and was often left hesitating.

Mar 23rd: New laws on hate crime

From today, a much-needed new criminal offence outlaws threatening behaviour or materials intended to stir up hatred against people on grounds of their sexual orientation. Stonewall successfully lobbied for the new protections and warmly welcomes their introduction.

Mar 23rd: Tatchell reports on Malawi protest

African and British human rights campaigners rallied outside the Commonwealth's head quarters in London on Monday 22 March. They were protesting against the prosecution and imprisonment of the Malawian same-sex couple, Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, on charges of homosexuality, and against the Commonwealth's failure to condemn their arrest and detention in Chichiri prison.

Mar 22nd: Bristol fights homophobic bullying

The City of Bristol is pledgeing to fight homophobic bullying within its schools as they team up with LGBT charity Stonewall. The City Council has vowed to help fight the issues surround LGBT youths today and help prevent bullying taking place within the city schools.

Mar 22nd: School tackles gay discrimination

A secondary school in Sheffield has undertaken a survey in a bid to tackle gay issues amongst its students. The school has begun a month of events in an aim to focus on pressing issues concerning the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Mar 22nd: Anti-gay preacher released without charge

A man who publicly preached about the evils of homosexuality to passers by in Colchester city centre, today walked free from court without charge. Paul Shaw, was arrested on February 19th after many complained about his preaching’s on the ‘evil of homosexuality.’ The police arrested him for his of threatening words and behaviour.

Mar 22nd: Gay couple turned away from B&B

Michael Black, 62, and John Morgan, 56, from Brampton, Cambridgeshire, said the owner of the Swiss B&B in Cookham, Berks, told them it was ''against her convictions'' to let the pair share a bed.

Mar 19th: Exclusive: Pinkwire goes one-on-one with Pride London Director Trevor Edwards

Director and Chief Steward at Pride London Trevor Edwards goes One-on-One with Pinkwire to find out just what goes on behind the scenes of the largest parade in the UK

Mar 19th: Topless lesbian bride arrested after stiletto attack

A bride was arrested on her wedding day after she bared her breasts at a bouncer and struck him over the head with a stiletto shoe.

Mar 19th: Gay disco pulled for fear of upsetting Christians

A gay disco in St Agnes has been banned over fears that it would upset Christians at Easter.

Mar 18th: 24th Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Begins

Last night saw the opening of the British Film Institute’s 24th annual Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. The festival, which runs for two weeks, began last night as the world premier of The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister kicked off the celebrations in Leicester Square.

Mar 18th: Tatchell on MPs uniting to condemn Malawi arrest

Sixty-five British MPs have signed a House of Commons Early Day Motion (EDM 564), which condemns Malawi's arrest and trial of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, who are accused of a homosexual relationship.

Mar 17th: Catholic adoption agency wins gay exemption ruling

A Catholic adoption society has won a High Court battle over legislation forcing it to consider homosexual couples as parents. Catholic Care, which serves the dioceses of Leeds, Middlesbrough, and Hallam in South Yorkshire, launched the legal action saying it would have to give up its work finding homes for children if it has to comply with the legislation.

Mar 16th: Homosexual Rights killing marriage reports Christian Institute

The Christian Institute has reported how Baroness Deech is lecturing today on Civil Partnerships and the erosion of traditional marriage and family life.

Mar 16th: Elton reveals play plot due to death of ex-partner

Elton John and his partner David Furnish have revealed the foundations behind their new venture onto Broadway with “Next Fall” was due to the tragic loss of Elton’s ex-partner to suicide.

Mar 16th: Christian website comments on Corrie lesbian kiss

The Christian website has written about the upcoming lesbian story line on Coronation Street describing the producers as 'Favouring homosexuality over Christianity.

Mar 15th: Sport Stars Support Mardi Gras

Rugby star Gareth Thomas and referee Nigel Owens are giving their support to the Mardi Gras festival in Cardiff.

Mar 15th: Equality doesn't extend to Trans says Guardian

In 2006 my employer circulated a staff questionnaire on diversity. Struggling with my gender identity, I found the courage to complete it and declare that no, I did not feel able to present at work in my preferred gender.

Mar 15th: Elton speaks to Whoopi about coming out

Sir Elton John has revealed on Whoopi Goldberg's chat show The View that his new play, Next Fall, reflects some of the struggles he had coming out as gay.

Mar 12th: Buckinghamshire Lesbian in terror car ride

A nurse abducted her lesbian lover after accusing her of still sleeping with her ex-husband, a court heard yesterday.

Mar 12th: LGBT Cambridge Students have a one random romp a month

Cambridge University students yesterday revealed their raunchy bedroom habits — with a fifth admitting to sex with more than THREE different partners in ONE week.

Mar 10th: Churches have mixed view on gay age of consent

There has been a mixed reaction from Guernsey's church leaders to proposals to bring down the gay age of consent.

Mar 9th: School girl "dragged out of the closet"

Emma Little says she was "dragged out of the closet" when she was just 14 years old.

Mar 9th: Scottish MSP backs religious marriage

LESBIAN MSP Margaret Smith is urging the Scottish Government to follow the House of Lords' lead and back civil partnership ceremonies in churches

Mar 8th: Exclusive: Pinkwire Editor speaks about her role in the media

Lesbilicious journalist Chloe Setter speaks to our very own Danielle Carter about the question of whether you can be straight at home but still work 'gay'

Mar 8th: Pride London victim of cyber attack

Pride London was shocked today to discover that it appears to be the victim of a cyber attack.

Mar 5th: Green Party launches LGBT manifesto

The Green Party has launched its LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) Manifesto for the upcoming general election.

Mar 3rd: What would Ho-Moses do?

New research conducted by reveals that men of Islamic and Christian faith are most likely to struggle with their sexuality.

Mar 3rd: Religious Civil Partnerships backed by Lords

Last night's vote by the House of Lords to end the ban on religious civil partnerships is "another advance for gay equality and religious freedom," said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell of the LGBT rights group OutRage!

Mar 2nd: Family share shock over Digby death

Relatives of television presenter Kristian Digby have told of their shock as police investigated whether he died when a solo sex game went tragically wrong.

Mar 1st: Exclusive: Pinkwire speaks with Andrew Lumsden from the GLF

The Gay Liberation Front started in America following the Stonewall riots and made its way across the pond some forty years ago. Andrew Lumsden an original member of the GLF reflects on the past and considers the future.

Mar 1st: Pinkwire goes one-on-one with the Pride London board

Pinkwire puts the board of Pride London through the ringer to find out how they put on the UKs largest LGBT event...

Mar 1st: Justin campaign tackles homophobia in football

Football V Homophobia campaign gains international recognition.

Mar 1st: Peter Tatchell says: UK Scouts condemn Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The Chief Executive of the Scout Association UK, Derek Twine, has expressed opposition to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, describing the legislation as "discriminatory" and "incompatible" with scouting values.

Feb 26th: Bexhill woman jailed for lesbian attack

A Senior NHS manager who bragged, "I'm better than a man" during a lesbian attack on the eve of a conference was jailed for 12 months this week.

Feb 26th: Tories more liberal when it comes to gay

The Times Newspaper have conducted a survey through Populus. A survey taken of 36 Conservative MPs and 34 Conservative candidates in winnable seats — confirms the newcomers to be notably more sceptical than their arguably original archaic counterparts. While 27 per cent of the MPs think it an established fact that climate change is man-made, only 9 per cent of the candidates share this view.

Feb 25th: Brown praises LGBT troops

Prime Minster Gordon Brown has made his viewpoint on gays in the military as he praised the openly gay troops at a reception in Number 10. The PM and his wife Sarah Brown last night hosted a reception at Downing Street to celebrate LGBT History Month which takes place throughout February.

Feb 24th: BBC Flouted Its Own Guidelines in the 2009 EU Elections

An analysis being published today by the Jury Team, one of the political parties in the newly formed Alliance for Democracy, shows that in last summer’s European elections the BBC flouted its own guidelines for impartiality.

Feb 24th: Tatchell on : Muslim extremist hosted by Kings College London

In defiance of its own equal opportunities policy, King's College London (KCL) is hosting the Muslim fundamentalist fanatic, Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick, this Thursday, 25 February, at 6pm in the Raked Lecture Theatre, The Strand, London. He is anti-Semitic and homophobic. He denounces the "filth" of Jews (Yahood) and kaffirs.

Feb 24th: Clerics call for CP's in religious venues

A senior Anglican Clergy have penned a letter to the Times Newspaper asking for an end to the ban on same-sex couples marrying in religious venues.

Feb 23rd: Jason Woods dies aged 38

Talented Jason Woods has been confirmed to have died during his sleep, aged 38. The musical star and performer reportedly died during his sleep on Saturday but there is said to be no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

Feb 23rd: Tatchell on Greens aim to end ban on religious CP's

The Greens have become the first and and only political party to officially support an end to the ban on civil partnerships being conducted in places of worship. The new Green Party policy would allow gay-affirmative churches, such the Quakers, Unitarians and Metropolitan Community Church, to host civil partnership ceremonies for the first time. They are currently prohibited by law from hosting religious civil partnership

Feb 22nd: BAFTA's 2010

Last night Pinkwire braved the cold and inevitable rain and headed for the red carpet to see the stars arrive and head into London’s Royal Opera House for The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards.

Feb 22nd: G-A-Y owner to abolish charges if charity target is made

Owner of the world famous gay night spot G-A-Y Jeremy Joseph has today released a statement telling his punters that his will lose all entry costs to his venues this summer in a bit to reach his £30,000 London Marathon target.

Feb 22nd: Christian groups angry at Elton over gay Jesus comments

Christian groups have expressed their outrage after Elton John described Jesus as a ‘super-intelligent gay man’ The singer was reported to have said in an Interview with Us magazine, Parade, “I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems

Feb 19th: Pride London Celebrates Euro-Wide Pride

Pride London celebrated a milestone today as the last country in the European Union announced it will be holding an LGBT pride event this year. Dúhový (Rainbow) PRIDE will take place in Bratislava on 22nd May 2010 – the very first event of this kind in Slovakia.

Feb 19th: Elton claims Jesus was gay

Sir Elton John has made claims that the Son of God was a "super-intelligent gay man". The flamboyantly dressed gay singer told Us Magazine, Parade, that he thinks Jesus was a compassionate gay man, saying “I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems.”

Feb 18th: Peter Tatchell slams PCC

Tatchell speaks about the Press Complaints Commission in response to the ruling on Jan Moir. "The Press Complaints Commission should be disbanded. He was commenting on the PCC's rejection of 25,000 complaints against the Daily Mail over its "inflammatory, inaccurate and insensitive slurs" against gay pop star Stephen Gately and the gay community.

Feb 18th: PCC drops investigation on Moir

The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has revealed today that they have rejected the complaints made against Jan Moir after her controversial column about the death of Stephen Gately. Over 25,000 complaints were made after the Daily Mail columnist published her ‘Femail’ column, where she discussed the death of the Boyzone star.

Feb 18th: Tatchell urges you to watch video on Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

I am very grateful to Rob Tisinai for making a masterclass YouTube video that explains the full horrors of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill. It shows that this Bill is far more lethal and wide-reaching than most people realise. Ugandans don't have to be gay or to have gay sex to be sentenced to death.

Feb 17th: Tories to discuss LGBT actions in US

Openly gay Tory frontbencher Nick Herbert has made his actions clear on how he and his party will embrace the LGBT community and hope to leave the homophobic past behind. Herbert, who represents Arundel and South Downs, will discuss the fact that his party drove away many voters with their previous stance on homosexuality and how they hope to entice them back with the work they will be doing to look after the LGBT community.

Feb 17th: Gosling arrested over on air confession

Veteran BBC presenter has been arrested after his on air confession to the mercy killing of his partner who was suffering ‘terrible pain’ from AIDS. Ray Gosling, 70, has been arrested after the confession he gave whilst talking on the East Midlands Inside Out programme. The former BBC television and radio presenter told the programme that he smothered his young lover to death with a pillow cause he was in so much pain.

Feb 17th: Tatchell on Scout movement on Uganda

The world scout headquarters in Geneva has written to the Chief Scout and the Chief Commissioner of the Uganda Scout Association, expressing concern about how the Anti-Homosexuality Bill will impact on scouts and scout leaders and questioning the sponsorship of the Bill by the Chair of the Uganda Scout Board, David Bahati M

Feb 16th: BBC veteran reveals assisted suicide live on air

An investigation has begun after a veteran BBC presenter announce live on air that he assisted his partner to die as he suffered from AIDS. Ray Gosling, 70, revealed on BBC’s East Midlands Inside Out Programme that he smothered his partner with a pillow as he lay in the hospital in pain.

Feb 15th: Cameron just ticking boxes?

David Cameron has found himself in a spot of trouble over the Conservative selection Policy after a Tory activist said that Cameron was just selecting minority candidate boxes in a bid to “tick boxes.”

Feb 15th: Anti-Pope March

A gay anti-pope march took place yesterday in aim to protest against the visit of His Holiness, after the homophobic comments he made regarding recent law changes surrounding gay couples.

Feb 15th: Gareth tackles homophobia in football

Gay rugby star Gareth Thomas has asked Premier League footballers to come out of the closet in order to tackle the issues of homosexuality in football.

Feb 15th: Gay mags confiscated in Prison

A prisoner has had his stash of gay porn magazines confiscated from him as they were deemed to be inappropriate by prison staff.

Feb 15th: LGBT History Month Magazine Launched 15th February 2010

Today saw the launch of LGBT History Month Magazine online.

Feb 11th: EasyJet offers free flight to Pope (Plus Speedy Boarding)

Budget airline EasyJet yesterday offered to fly Pope Benedict XVI to the UK following the recent controversy surrounding his viewpoints on British Equality laws and estimated cost of his visit.

Feb 11th: Jemma Thomas speaks out

Jemma Thomas, wife of recently openly gay rugby player Gareth Thomas, has spoken about the moment her husband revealed his sexuality to her.

Feb 11th: Harman confirms discrimination law bid dropped

The Government will not push through proposals that churches argue would restrict their ability to deny jobs to gay people and transsexuals, Equality Minister Harriet Harman has confirmed.

Feb 8th: Exclusive – Angela Eagle MP praises first ever LGBT History Month Magazine

The UKs first ever LGBT History Month magazine is being launched with the support of Angela Eagle