10:54 | 20th April 2019

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More and more members of the LGBT community are turning to fostering as a way to begin to build a family, and we at NRS are very keen to work alongside you and dispel the myths that you cannot foster.

Nov 14th: The 10 step guide to Fostering and Adoption

Since its launch in 1997 by the BAAF, NAW has grown and become stronger each year, reaching people across the UK wanting to know if they are eligible for adoption.

Sep 9th: ACTION FOR CHILDREN - Identity – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender

Action for Children is committed to promoting, building and sustaining equality and inclusion for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children, young people and families we support, as well as our staff and volunteers.

Feb 24th: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Adoption & Fostering Week 20-26 February

Events are being organised across the UK as part of the country’s first-ever LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week. It comes as gay adopters and foster carers are being hailed by social workers for their significant strengths in a survey commissioned by New Family Social, the LGBT network coordinating the week.

Jun 9th: Study shows kids with lesbian parents do well

When compared to teens of the same age, adolescents raised by lesbian parents are doing just fine socially, psychologically and academically, new research finds. Not only that, they have fewer social problems, and less aggressive and rule-breaking behaviors than other teens.

Feb 8th: GAY Fostering and Adoption

I have worked with many a social worker who has personally believed that outcomes for children are greatly affected by same-sex parenting and have therefore avoided the route of pursuing gay adoption as best they could