10:54 | 20th April 2019

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Sep 22nd: National Diversity Awards - LGBT Positive Role model award goes to ....

MEGAN KEY - Public Sector worker Megan has been an exemplary role model within the National Probation Service, moving from Probation Officer to Equalities Manager in the Midlands division

May 16th: A Better Life for LGBT Students

College and university is a time of self-discovery and personal growth. It is also the time when many of us came out of the ‘closet’, and discovered who we really are. Unfortunately, LGBT students are frequently at risk of systematic and individual discrimination and harassment. For many students, joining the LGBT society at school is their first experience of being in a welcoming and accepting environment. Not to mention their first chance at becoming an activist, working towards changes that affect their lives and those of their peers.

Jul 6th: Stonewall launches gay university guide

Stonewall today launches Gay By Degree – the first ever guide which shows how gay-friendly every university in the UK is – /