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Thu 12 Dec, 2013
By Robert Ingham

this incredibly imaginative and creative show is innovative whilst still holding true to the values of a traditional panto

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Buttons: Another Cinderella Story - Panto

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This intrepid reviewer took himself off to the Rosemary Branch Theatre in N1 for yet another panto. Presented by the Charles Court Opera, returning for their 7th Boutique Panto, this is a twist on the classic Cinderella – ‘Buttons: Another Cinderella Story’.

For anyone who has never been to see Charles Court Opera, like me, and even for those who have, you are in for a real treat. Don’t let the word ‘boutique’ fool you into not going as this intimate 60-plus seater venue is the perfect place to escape into a world full of magical monsters, murderous madmen and mad-capped mayhem.

Cinderella lives at home with her mum (Dame) Betty Swollocks. Whilst tending to the farm, all perky Cinderella wants is to fall in love and tell all her deepest secrets to her beloved teddy, Buttons. However, this is not really about Cinderella, for the twist to this tantalising tale is that it’s told from the perspective of Buttons… Enter Prince Charming, a boisterous cad after the heart of Cinderella and his henchman Dandini, both with a hidden agenda. Throw in an altogether different Fairy Godmother, a policeman/TV detective and a band dressed as bears, and the stage is set for an unexpected and unique evening of sheer pantomime joy.

Packed to the rafters with fantastic songs and hilarious one-liners, this incredibly imaginative and creative show is innovative whilst still holding true to the values of a traditional panto. All the usual ingredients are there, but writer and artistic director John Savournin (who also plays the Dame) has struck gold with ‘Buttons’, not just because of the witty and raucous script but also because the entire cast are super talented. All are classically trained – it’s as if you are watching a West End show above a pub, which is basically what it is, and where this company should be heading.

This is one truly unforgettable show, and is up there at the top of pantos you should see this year. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another genius and wonderfully surprising moment comes along. Suffice to say it is completely captivating, absolutely absorbing and intelligently inspiring.

Tickets sales are around the 90% mark already, so book your tickets now as you cannot miss this stunning, must-see production. Five out of five!

‘Buttons: Another Cinderella Story’ is for all ages but there are some performances which are for Adults Only. It’s on at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, Islington, N1 3DT until 7th January. Find out more here:


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