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Fri 26 Mar, 2010
By Danielle Carter

The latest relationship involved an email, where the teacher asked the student: "Do you think I'm hot?".

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Lesbian teacher banned after relationship with student

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A high-profile Queensland sportswoman has been banned from teaching after having a lesbian affair with one of her students.

The former teacher, who has collected many sports accolades and played at a national level, developed the "sexual relationship'' while working as a PE teacher at a Brisbane high school in 2007.

She already had a history of dating her students, after being investigated over a similar case at a Brisbane Catholic school five years earlier, also involving a Year 12 student.

Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) documents obtained by The Courier-Mail under Right to Information show she took at least one of her under-aged students to gay nightclubs using fake ID and gave gifts and fluffy toys – identified as a "classic signpost of grooming behaviour", along with provocative photos of herself taken in her bedroom.

The latest relationship involved an email, where the teacher asked the student: "Do you think I'm hot?".

She also asked whether the student would kiss her and do more than kiss her.

The disciplinary committee, which conducted the investigation, said it would be concerned if the offending teacher was placed in a position of trust with students again, "particularly young girls".

"There is definitely a pattern of behaviour," the report said.

"The QCT suggests that (the teacher) has approached her teaching positions as someone who is a predator towards young girls."

The committee said the fact the students were "willing participants" did not "diminish the seriousness of the teacher's misconduct".

The maximum penalty for the case was applied, which provided for the cancellation of her registration for five years. She can re-apply again in 2014.

The Courier-Mail has not named the former teacher. The newspaper has repeatedly tried to contact her, but she remains unavailable for comment.

A principal from the school where the sportswoman was first found to have had an inappropriate relationship said they only became aware of allegations after the student had left.

"Our legal advice informs us that the college fully complied with statutory obligations in dealing with this matter," the now principal said.

Education Minister Geoff Wilson refused to be interviewed and Education Queensland said in a statement that the checking system had improved since this incident occurred.

The sportswoman is one of three female teachers who had their registrations cancelled in the past year after having inappropriate sexual dealings with female students.

The other two teachers are also prohibited from re-applying to teach for five years.


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