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Lifestyle: Coming Out

Fri 30 Jan, 2015
By Darren Waite

The security of seeing the same person each day can often lead to something stronger,

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My Coming Out Story by MC DEE

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The Dating Game

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The dating game can be a pretty scary one – whether you're newly single and ready to mingle again or if you have been looking for love for years.

It's even harder, then, for the LGBT market – and while we can all go on speed-dating evenings, dating websites and more, sometimes we find ourselves feeling unfulfilled. Ask most couples how they met and you'll often be surprised by the response. Love can happen when we least expect it, or in some cases, where we least expect it.

To that end, here are some tried and tested places where you could meet the one..

At a theme park

There's a reason why the word 'rollercoaster' has been cited in so many romantic songs – it seems theme parks are more romantic when we thought! The thrills of the rides, the bright lights, the candyfloss – when you think about it, it all adds up. Sam*, says he met his partner Alex* when they got stuck together on a ride which had broken down. “At first I was a bit terrified, but when we were stuck on that slope for half an hour, Sam was there to comfort me – I could tell he'd look out for me from there on!” he says.

At a race day

“They say love can be a bit of a gamble, but this had quite a literal meaning for me!” says James*, who met his partner, Craig*, at the
Cheltenham Festival For James, it was confusion over a betting slip, but for you, it could just be the excitement of the event – with alcohol flowing, big wins and sharp suits, there's certainly potential to find love.

At the launderette

Airing your dirty laundry in public sounds like the worst place to find love, but for Joanne* and Louisa*, it was the start of something special. “I asked Jo if she had change for a pound coin, and before long we were chatting about our tattoos and jewellery. My spin cycle had finished hours before, but I was enjoying chatting with her so much I just pretended!” says Louisa*.

At the supermarket

Just like asking a stranger for change can strike up conversation, so too can chatting to your favourite supermarket worker. The security of seeing the same person each day can often lead to something stronger, and it certainly did for Martin* and Wade*. “I would go in there every morning to grab a sandwich before work,” says Martin*, who began to strike up conversations with his now fiancé. “Wade* would always be behind the tobacconist counter, and after a while I found myself going in there just to see him – I've never been so sick of sandwiches!”

At church

For Eliza*, taking her mother to church was an essential part of her weekly routine, and luckily, it was for Hannah too. “I was always scared to come out to my mother because of her traditional values, but when I met Hannah*, we began to develop feelings for each other and she helped me pluck up the courage. We've been together for three years now and I can certainly say I am blessed!”

*Names have been changed.


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