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Wed 18 Jan, 2012
By Darren Waite

The democratic tradition of Israel [ensures that] the gay community enjoys political freedom as in no other Middle Eastern country

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Going Global

Nick Carvell takes a look at attitudes, rights and regulations affecting LGBT communities around the world.

‘Up Up and A Gay – We’re Boeing to Mardi Gras’

Australian budget airline Virgin Blue has decided to cash in on the pink pound ahead of Sydney’s annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras celebrations. Virgin Blue will be running a special flight catering for those attending Mardi Gras in Sydney. The flight from, Melbourne to Sydney, which takes roughly one hour will set the party goers back A$199 (Roughly £100)

Sydney voted best gay-friendly destination!

A survey of the worlds best gay-friendly cities has placed Sydney at the top of the list. The survey conducted by online travel agency, named Sydney for its plentiful gay bars and nightclubs in the Darlinghurst and Newtown areas, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Gay London App launched

A new iPhone app has been created in order to entice LGBT visitors to London by providing all relevant information to enjoy the experience to the max at the touch of a button, whilst on the move.

TEL AVIV Best Gay Travel destination

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Tel Aviv this week won the distinction as being by far the preferred travel destination by the global homosexual community, according to the gay travel website

A survey conducted by the website found that 43 percent of its readers rate Tel Aviv as the number one vacation spot for homosexual travelers. The next highest rated city was New York City with 14 percent of the vote.

"The democratic tradition of Israel [ensures that] the gay community enjoys political freedom as in no other Middle Eastern country," read the article accompanying the poll results.

By comparison with cities outside the Middle East, "rarely a month goes by that Tel Aviv isn't celebrating some musical or cultural event," and "huge dance parties" are a weekly occurrence.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai enthusiastically welcomed the survey results.

"Victory in this competition further highlights the fact that Tel Aviv is a city that respects all people equally, and allows all people to live according to their values and desires," Huldai wrote on his Facebook page. "This is a free city in which everyone can feel proud, and be proud of who they are."

The results of the Gaycities survey and the words of praise in the accompanying article would seem to stand in stark contradiction to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's public expression of concern last month that Israel was slipping into a non-democratic abyss. Or to highlight the fact that Israel itself is a land of stark contradiction.

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